LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) – While Houston Rockets’ Kyle Lowry is considered one of the better young point guards in the NBA, two passes he threw during a pickup game at a female referee could lead to jail time.

Charges were brought against Lowry on Tuesday, having been accused of throwing a basketball at a female referee twice over calls he didn’t agree with during a run of pickup games among NBA players last year.

On Sept. 22, 2011, Lowry played in an afternoon basketball game between other NBA players at a Las Vegas gym. At the time, the NBA lockout was still going on, so players were doing a number of things to keep in shape, including playing pickup basketball games in places like Las Vegas.

During the course of the game, the Rockets point guard would taunt and criticize InFini Robinson for her officiating, according to the Clark County District Attorney affidavit obtained by CBS Las Vegas. At the end of the game, Lowry allegedly threw a basketball at Robinson, a former women’s college basketball player at UNLV andMichigan, hitting her in the torso. After Robinson picked up the basketball and tossed it back to Lowry, the 25-year-old Lowry became upset with Robinson.

“Lowry became upset and stated ‘B****, meet me outside. I will kick your a**,’” police wrote in the affidavit.

But it didn’t stop there. As Robinson was changing her shoes, a basketball hit her with such force that she was pushed back in her chair, according to the affidavit. She told police that had she not been changing her shoes, the ball would have most likely have broken her nose. Several witnesses at the gym, including other NBA players, stated that they were surprised that Lowry had thrown the ball.

Soon thereafter, Lowry, along with Corey Maggette of the Charlotte Bobcats, apologized for Lowry’s actions.

“I’m sorry,” Lowry said to Robinson, according to the affidavit. “I truly apologize for what I did. I let my emotions get the best of me.”

In November, Lowry was positively identified in a lineup as the suspect in the case as Robinson decided to move forward with charges. Lowry has declined comment on the situation.

In a statement released by the Rockets and general manager Daryl Morey, the team has been made aware of the complaint against Lowry, but would not add any other comment.

“We will work to get clarity on the situation,” Morey said in a statement released by the team. “As this is a legal matter we will not comment further.”

The point guard has been charged with two counts of battery on a protected person. If convicted, the maximum penalty is six months in the Clark County Detention Center or a fine of $1,000.

  1. Vegas kid says:

    Let this jerk do the time!!!

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