LAS VEGAS (AP) — Some runners who participated in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Las Vegas say water passed out during the race made them sick.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that health officials are investigating at least 10 claims of intestinal problems following the Sunday night marathon. They also have posted a survey to pinpoint a possible source for illness complaints that have been posted on Facebook.

Race organizers filled lined buckets or trash cans with hydrant water, which was used to fill cups offered to racers along the course.

Some runners complained that the water tasted odd or unclean.

Race organizers say the hydrant water was tested and found to be safe.

The event drew some 44,000 racers who paid up to $179 to run a half or full marathon.

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Comments (114)
  1. Tom says:

    “Race organizers say the hydrant water was tested and found to be safe.” Was that before or after they poured the water into trash cans?

    1. Sgt. Schultz says:

      if you’re stupid enough to drink water from a trash can, you get what’s coming to you. Besides, running a marathon and pounding the hell of one’s knee joints does not necessarily reflect a high IQ, either.

      1. Miket says:

        Quote..”running a marathon and pounding the hell of one’s knee joints does not necessarily reflect a high IQ”…. Why attack runners for being healthy and doing something that raises money for charity? Is that really necessary?

      2. Hydrants are rusty! says:

        My uncle used to run every morning til his Doctor told him to back off for his health’s sake! My oldest relatives (low 90’s) never exercised in their lives, although some did farm work when they were kids.
        I’ve seen the Firemen here flush out the hydrants and it always looks like rust and/or dirt.

      3. Sam M says:

        Don’t waste your time, less then 1% of Americans will run and complete and full marathon. It does reflect a high IQ and that not all people are lazy. That person saves thier energy for standing in line for handouts and welfare. In thier mind getting stuff for nothing makes them smarter.

      4. Rick O'Shea says:

        I’ve often thought the same thing, people wearing out knee joints, because I sure wore out mine.

      5. HM Phobe says:

        Our scouts hand it out in the race in our town – the can is only used for this, and it is washed before each race. Never had a problem.

      6. csptqt says:

        Someone bashing runners without knowing the facts does not reflect high IQ. The rate of arthritis and subsequent knee replacement has no correlation with running. In fact, the rate of disability is lower and slower in runners vs. non-runners.

        Regarding the race…we were not informed of the source of the water prior to the race…we just saw cups of water at a water station.

        Your comments are unnecessary and uninformed.

      7. Mommyofthree says:

        Make sure you ask at every single event from now on. This is very important to know.

      8. jlatc says:

        Ask what?

    2. Scott says:

      Motto for the finisher’s T-shirts “I got the runs at the Las Vegas” marathon.

      1. Seth says:

        I went to Vegas and all I got was this stupid Inflammatory Bowel Disease…

    3. Pepto says:

      What happens in Vegas……apparently causes diarrhea.

      1. Spanky says:

        What happens in Vegas…sprays in Vegas!

      2. Naveen says:

        I just found you through Zoot, and I am SO sorry about what epeapnhd in Chicago. I’m training for Houston in January and can only imagine, after all the work I’m doing, if I had an experience like that. How disappointing. I just wanted to say, though, try not to let it cast a darkness on all your running. I can tell you have a passion for it, and if you can, pick another race, and get that marathon experience you’ve been dreaming of!

      3. Manuel says:

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  2. Monte Zuma says:

    Hey, everyone should vacation in Vegas at least once.

    But don’t drink the water!

    1. Pythagorus says:

      When you allow millions of 3rd World illegals to flood your city, you’d better get used to living in 3rd world conditions!!!

      Save Western Civilization! Join and support the Youth for Western Civilization today!

    2. Charlotte says:

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  3. JustSayNo says:

    Can Vegas get anything right? First the Indy record car crash, the over building of real estate causing 50% equity loss, the helicopter tour crash near the Hoover Dam, (not to mention the Reno Air Races devastation). To top it all off they voted Harry Reid back in office due to voter irregularity caused by union shenanigans that hearken back to the mafia days. Should we talk about the boondoggle of a monorail project that got bought off by the taxi union? Or what about the train to nowhere that is being built to Victorville instead of Anaheim. Corruption, incompetence, cronyism, stupidity. If I could kick Vegas in the balls I would.

    1. Lincoln says:

      Shouldn’t you say “Can Nevada get anything right” when you make comments about Reno, Hoover Dam, Harry Reid, and a train project to Cali??? I agree with you about the monorail, train project, Harry Reid, etc. But the rest of the stuff is private enterprise that has little to do with the governing of the city of vegas or the state ot Nevada.

      1. JustSayNo says:

        I knew someone was going to call me out on including Reno (thus the parenthesis in an attempt to avoid). But your reply is over-reach. For example, Texas didn’t have problems with overbuilding because they regulated that mess. In fact, Texas legislation made it so hard refinance it hardly had any equity loss at all. Secondly, the point of origin for the helicopter crash near the Hover Damn was Las Vegas. Part of the tourism draw to Vegas is to charter a helicopter and tour the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Damn. Where else do you think that copter came from? Las Vegas is the primary population for Nevada and the reason for Harry Reid’s re-election and epicenter for voter fraud. The indy car accident occurred because there were too many cars on the track which could have been banned by regulators. Finally, that train is totally green lit by the local and state government. There is a competing maglev train project to Anaheim that was submitted but Harry Reid and his government grants and the local City Counsel went with a completely ridiculous project to crime ridden Victorville the city that takes the prize in meth addicts.

      2. thegoonsareloons says:

        The union goons try to run everything and mafia/union goons go hand in hand. Same story different era.

    2. Yes! says:

      Helicopter accidents happen quite often and all over the world. Are those Las Vegas’ fault as well? Since you are tossing out crazy theories, here is one. I bet the illness was from a volunteer’s hand who did not wash. And my guess was the volunteer was from your scurvy town.

      1. JustSayNo says:

        Or Mexico. Did you see the story about the Las Vegas DMV employee on Sahara that just got busted for issuing drivers licenses to illegals at $1500 – $3000 a pop?

    3. RunningAway says:

      To add insult to injury the winner was a Kenyan, the same country Obama was born in.

      1. gsnarks says:

        Yes, Barack Obama SENIOR was indeed born in Kenya. Our President’s grandmother even admitted this to an interviewer. In fact, she told him that she knew this because she “was there at the time!”

      2. Spanky says:

        The difference is that the marathoner didn’t cheat to win his place.

    4. Bryan says:

      Keep Reno out of this, Most of us who live in Reno hates vegas anyways !!

    5. Mark Matis says:

      You neglect the Eric Scott murder by the Metropolitan Las Vegas Police Department, and the corruption, perjury, coverup, and harassment thereafter…

  4. JustSayNoNow says:

    No one ever had to tell me to ‘not’ drink water from a trashcan.

  5. dred says:

    Water from fire hydrants dumped into lined trash cans?

    Uh, at least Las Vegas is really going all-out to give the runners their $179 worth!

  6. firstpoppa says:

    Bet the workers ‘handled’ the trash cans, then ‘handled’ the liners – some of which probably got torn or pierced. As for filling from fire hydrants – how long had the water sat in those pipes? Real class there Las Vegas.

    1. JustSayNo says:

      As dumb as voting for Harry Reid. And taking $179 from these runners and not getting bottled water is as corrupt as a train to Victorville or a billion dollar monorail that doesn’t go to casinos or the airport.

      1. Frank Doss says:

        My guess is they didn’t want to have the plastic bottles. But still, they were asking for trouble.

        But imagine paying almost $200 for a T-Shirt and the thrill of dripping your own sweat over 26+ miles of Nevada roads.

    2. Terri mcDonald says:

      The article said hydrants, Not “fire” hydrant. Big differance.

  7. Humpy Brown says:

    Here’s a tip, idiots. “DON’T drink water from trashcans!”

    1. IrishEyesAreBlue says:

      HAHAHEHEhehehehehehe!!!! gulp gulp Bro, I not feel so good!!!

      1. Cowboy Runner says:

        I ran the race and we got the water in cups. We did not know it had come from a fire hydrant to a trach can. I drank a lot of cups of water during that race but i did not get sick

  8. american says:

    And don’t take a cup of water from a stranger.

    Drinking water from a trashcan is stupid enough. For all the science illiterate, it’s not clean enough first, and if galvanized will at least put zinc in the water, or if plastic, will put plastic chemicals in the water. Drinking from fire hydrants is of course stupid, too. Dead lines breed microbes.

    1. SC says:

      Dear idiot: From where do you get your science? Is it the back of comic books? Ten people got sick. 44000 participated. The real problem was not the garbage cans which were new or the plastic liners. It was the fact that many of my fellow runners were dehydrated. Vegas had under 10% humidity. It was cold so these people did not properly hydrate. Many of them probably used the porta potties and then contaminated their mouths. Many also partied in Vegas and probably ate the $2 hot dogs at slot n fun.

    2. Sansadee says:

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    3. Olek says:

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  9. Htos1 says:

    I know I saw this concept,where water is purified and packaged in clear bottles,somewhere.

  10. Aqua Pool says:

    if you go on youtube and search Pool Water Chemical Management by aquapooldealer you’ll see safety water guidelines

  11. Clint Barkley says:

    To all those that weren’t at the race….the runners did NOT drink the water out of the trash cans, I never even saw a trash can. The water was TRANSFERRED to a trash can, and then TRANSFERRED to paper cups. which were then handed out to the runners. As a runner, I never saw the trash can, just water handed out by race volunteers in a paper cup.

    1. Tom Menino says:

      Thank you for clarifying, Clint. I’m sure this will be an important distinction to bring out in court during the class-action lawsuit.

      1. halfmarathonrunner says:

        Tom, I like your comment. I ran the 1/2 and saw what Clint saw. Nothing! Yes, I did have stomach issues for 3 days post. I carried my water in the PF Chang’s but didn’t here. Yes, for $165 that I paid for the run, this does disgust me. The CEO did send out an apology for the logistical issues. As if that makes up for them!

    2. halfmarathonrunner says:

      Clint, I ran the 1/2. I never saw them either. It was kind of dark and hard to see! Unfortunately, I did have stomach issues later that night. I hope you didn’t. No matter what, running the strip at night was awesome! A logistical nightmare but the run itself was great! I hope your actual run was a great experience!

    3. Denise Caldwell says:

      i saw lots of 1/2 marathon runners dipping cups into the garbage cans because the cups lined up on the tables were empty and no one was there passing out cups of water (I thought they ran out and i ran by the garbage can thinking it was disgusting to drink water that maybe hundreds of people had put their hands in). maybe you were running ahead of me and didn’t see the stations that ran out of water in this way.

    4. Frank Doss says:

      I didn’t see where folks were thinking people were going face-down in the trash cans. I’ve gotten sponges and paper cups in what I have run.

      What people are challenging is the genius of A) scooping water, which requires volunteers to put hands into the water, B) using a trash can, even with the extraordinary measure of lining it with a trash bag, C) thinking a non-food grade trash bag could be used to serve consumables, D) serving people water from the hydrant system, and E) not testing the water in each can to ensure each solution was applied properly.

      Young children have had their lemonade stands shut down for less.

  12. fuzzywuzzzy says:

    For $189 you’d think that the organizers could furnish bottled water. Perhaps if the runners agreed to gamble at a certain casino after they crossed the finish line, they could have gotten clean water…..

    1. Spanky says:

      The environmentalists would have flipped out concerning plastic bottles…

  13. Beautiful Detroit says:

    In Detroit our marathons hand out rainwater gathered in barrels and then tranferred to the back of the toilet tank(cleanest water in anyone’s house) and filtered through the numerous feral pit bulls mouth’s(clean as a human’s.)
    Then the last mile is run through a gauntlet of flash mobbing gangstas. A good time is had by all…tell a friend.

    1. Spanky says:

      I sure hope those are UNION flash mobbing ganstas, otherwise I’m never running in that marathon!

  14. Brice Trevors says:

    Running marathons to raise money never did make sense to me. Not only does it greatly interfere with the common activities of others by closing arterials, it alls puts unnecessary stress on local first responders and the police force.
    Marathon runners don’t care that they are damaging their bodies. Many of these people are simply addicted to the dopamine release by the undue stress to the body. The odd thing is that they tend to see themselves as somehow superior from a lifestyle perspective.

    1. Spanky says:

      Race organizers pay for the additional support they require from police, paramedics, etc.. Many races DO raise funds, even when all the expenses are considered.

    2. Spanky says:

      Furthermore, races are begun early in the morning and on weekends, so the impact on local travelers is minimal. Too, racers do indeed bring in a lot of money for the local economy. That’s particularly true for longer runs, where many of the racers spend money at hotels and restaurants.

      People who exercise regularly are generally in better shape than those who don’t. While some runners overdo it, most don’t.

    3. Frank Doss says:

      The City of Richmond, VA puts on or hosts regular races and so on. They are always very nice affairs that cause only minimal disruption. I have heard of no serious complaints.

      Our city does many things that blocks streets here or there for the day. They are always wonderful events that help keep us all very proud of Richmond.

      Besides, the races are always early on Saturday morning, before it heats up and most of the region hits the city streets.

    4. Dabaal says:

      Jan Petters (Mom) December 6, 2011 Unfortunately the squirrel post has been taken off by the NFL. So I mssied seeing it boo! This reminds me when years ago I and friends were at the Indy 500 (Memorial Day weekend when it should have been fairly warm). It was soooo cold that the race car tires were havng trouble. What should have been a couple hours turned into hours and hours. We weren’t prepared for the cold and had only lightweight clothes guess we didn’t look at the forecast! Miserable day!!!

  15. QuitCryin says:

    I ran the half marathon, started in Corral 9, finished at 1:57. I drank at every water station, drank beer in the MGD64 beer garden, and continued to drink at Mandalay Bay. I had no upset stomach, diarrhea or anything of the such. IMHO 99% of your sickness/stomach problems came from those who did not properly train from the race and overexerted themselves. If you have ever ran a sanctioned race you would know you have tables filled with paper cups and volunteers handing out water to runners. Said water is first placed in lined trashcans, scooped out with a picture and placed in cups. If you have a problem with said sanitary conditions BRING YOUR OWN BEVERAGE. Really CBS, you can’t look into this any further…poor reporting. To the knee pain whiners: Just stay on the couch, drink your Coke and eat your Cheetos and you will never have a health problem…yea you. Enjoy your Dancing with the Stars. We have enough non-hackers walking after mile one as it is.Oh, and to the genius complaining about fire hydrant water…I work for a Civil Engineering firm in Central Califonia and 99.9% of the time water for fire hydrants is provided from the SAME water main that your drinking water comes from; this goes for subdivisions and businesses.

    1. Spanky says:

      “IMHO 99% of your sickness/stomach problems came from those who did not properly train from the race and overexerted themselves.”

      While that may very well be true, it’s still entirely possible for some very healthy people to contract a bacterial infection from water passed out at a race.

      I”d like to see you handle an infection of Cryptosporidium, Cyclospora, Giardia, or Microsporidia and then claim your training or toughness could have prevented symptoms.

      1. Spanky says:

        …or Schistosoma, Clostridium botulinum, Escherichia coli , Shigella, Salmonella, etc., etc., etc..

  16. SD Harms says:

    Plastic articles intended for contact with food (or water) must be fabricated from plastic that meets FDA regulations. In general, afabricator of a trash can would not purchase food contact cleared material — they would purchase a cheaper raw material. So it is not the trash can manufacturers fault. DO NOT PUT FOOD OR WATER IN CONTAINERS THAT ARE NOT MEANT FOR FOOD CONTACT. How complicated is that?

  17. wpg420 says:

    People are paying $179 to drink hydrant water?

  18. Fred says:

    I ran it and drank water at every water station and no problems whatsoever. The big issue was the overcrowding at the finish that luckily did not end in a tragedy. The egress from the finish area was poorly planned leaving thousands of runners trying to get out of the cold and wind through some narrow choke points.

    1. Frank Doss says:

      Luckily for me, if I were to run a marathon nowadays, the crowd would clear for me as the ambulance made its way through.

  19. Comater says:

    Wasn’t this race to raise money for Crohn’s Disease?

  20. Midge Masters says:

    “You’ll know it’s true when it happens to you.” ~ Charlotte Iserbyt

  21. jlatc says:

    Statistically, I think 10 out of 40,000+ is not that significant an occurance of gastro issues among longer distance runners. If it was 5-10%, then maybe.

    1. Frank Doss says:

      Any restaurant that tried that same argument would still be shut down and just as severely fined by the City of Las Vegas.

      1. jlatc says:

        Not an argument, merely an observation.

    2. Michelle says:

      Actually from what I have heard the number is much higher than 10. Perhaps it’s only 10 that have contacted the specific authorities.

      1. jlatc says:

        “from what I have heard” is a much more authoritative and reliable source, apparently. That’s what most on this thread are basing their opinions.

  22. Oilfart says:

    $179 for a race and they use water from fire hydrants. Come on, race directors know that for that kind of price, there should be some type of quality control especially for on-course hydration protocols. There is absolutely no excuse to cut corners on water on a course, never. Even if no one got sick, you don’t use fire water!!

    1. jlatc says:

      Fire water? I’d be very surprised if the Vegas water supply has separate systems for consumption and fire use. Dallas doesn’t.

  23. Vegas Rock N Roll on the ground says:

    You guys are killing me! roflmao I have tears rolling down my cheeks! But I do hope these people will be ok. Note to self, never drink water out of a trash can.

  24. Jack Schidt says:

    My SHlT stayed in Vegas

  25. Jack Schidt says:

    Probably a volunteer went to the porta-potty and took a shlt, wiped his asz and got shlt on his hand, then went back to his post at the trash can filling up cups. When he dipped a cup in the water, some of the shlt was rinsed off his hand into the drinking water, creating a trash can full of shlt water.

  26. Bill Jackson says:

    Why didn’t they go ahead and charge the runners a few extra bucks for some water? They could have charged $185, bought enough bottled water for everyone and still made a profit on the water alone.

  27. Thomas Warmuth says:

    Were they dipping cups into the water? if son they were probably dipped with bare hands as well, and that is most likely the source on the bacterial contamination. I don’t know the source of hydrant water in Las Vegas, so I don’t know whether or not is is treated or “raw” water. Nevertheless, any health department worth its salt bans dipping a cup into the food or drink source for this very reason.

  28. Thomas Warmuth says:

    Dipping the cps into the water is probably the source of the outbreak. You have an open container, and people use their bare hands to dip cups into the water. Anything on your hand, on the cup, or which falls in to the water from all the activity around the pail is now in the water and fair game to be consumed. Health departments forbid dipping a cup unto ice or a liquid for this very reason.

  29. REALITY_BITES says:

    I lived in Las Vegas for 10 years and the thruh is that the culinary water is taken out of the river about 5-10 miles DOWNSTREAM from whre the sewer plant discharges into the river at Las Vegas Wash. Here is a reality that excrement runs downhill – get the picture here? I never drank the water unless it was run through a reverse osmosis unit or from a bottle. Threre was a breakout of cryptosporidium in the community when i lived there. I don’t know if the problems have been solved. Then there is the problem of perchlorate (rocket fuel) contamination in the water SOLUTION: Drink bottled wate that was bottled somewhere other than Las Vegas

  30. frackmeister says:


  31. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

    Democrats eat out of trash cans all the time with no problems but worms. These guys must have been conservatives.

  32. Chuck D. says:

    My wife and I were in vegas when this Marathon was held. It was stupidly held at night when folks had shows and dinner to attend and the main roads were closed….plus it was extremely cold at night. Not serving bottled water was another stupid thing the organizers did. I hope they re-consider a lot of the stupidly wrongs associated with the Marathon being held at night. Stupid is as stupid does.

  33. Mommyofthree says:

    Sounds like a fun microbiology experiment! I’d love to see the anaerobic bateria that were living in that hydrant! i would also want to knw the last time the hydrants were flushed out.

  34. Yuckers says:

    Yuckers! I hope what happens in Vegas STAYS in Vegas. I would let Harry taste test it!

  35. William says:

    That’s just pathetic but typical of what we are going to see more of in the future. This was just a cost-cutting measure with no regard for people’s health.

  36. Noble Furr says:

    This story reinforces the theory that stupid people are becoming more prevalent with each generation.

    What idiot thought serving fire hydrant water from garbage cans as safe, potable water was a good idea? What happened to bottled water from any number of sponsors anxious to sell their H2O to sports fans?

    Memo to marathon organizers: Make sure ANY liquid or food distributed by the marathon’s staff and/or volunteers is certified to be safe. Otherwise, hire some very good lawyers.

  37. Byll Spewer says:

    $179 for hydrant water? Blecchhh! That water’s been in the pipe since the last flow test, which could have been two years ago!!!

    At the marathons I’ve worked, we even made our Gatorade from bottled water.

  38. Jewfromhell says:

    I have no sympathy for the excersize addicts. All it does is destroy your body!

  39. Sam M says:

    They charge 179 per person and they can’t afford bottled water or get a company to sponsor it??????? Hydrant water from a trash can that sweaty volunters put their hands into to quickly fill cups? None of that adds up, no organizer is that stupid and careless regardless of the city it is in. It just can’t be true. If it is WOW! I

  40. Booger McCoy says:

    What’s with the snow flake effect?What is this, 1996?

  41. d says:

    HEY IDIOTS! haha. They said the trashcans/buckets were lined. When you think trashcan you think of this dirty container. Really the water was only in the lining. There’s no way there were dumping out trash and filing them with water. A better question was how were they filling the little cups from the trashcan? Probably dipping their hands in there holding the cup. Dirty hands in the water is more likely. BUT even beyond that… How many people got sick? Can you really conclude it was from the water and not weakened immune systems from a taxing marathon!? if a large % got sick it would only be worth looking into.

  42. trkr says:

    and how did they get the water out of the trash cans.Dipping their cups and hands into an open

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  44. E. COLLIE says:


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