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DMV Clerk Pleads Guilty To Bribes For Licenses

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A former Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles clerk has pleaded guilty to a federal bribery charge for accepting thousands of dollars to provide driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

The 28-year-old Nancy Brown of Las Vegas entered the plea Tuesday to one count of federal program bribery. She faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine at sentencing March 6.

Prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s office in Nevada say Brown was a front-line clerk at the DMV office on Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas.

Authorities say she used third parties to recruit customers who didn’t have identifying documents, and typically charged $1,500 to $3,000 for each license. A plea agreement says she issued about 214 licenses illegally between February 2010 and April 2011.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press.

  • Mark

    Throw the effin book at her; all 10 years and the $250K.

    • jdog

      I agree, Max her out.

    • sharon

      I agree. Give her the entire 10 years. I’m tired of the “wrist slapping’ that goes on. She’s a freakin criminal.

      • BARRY'S CT. SSN 042-68-4425

    • BDDD

      Did she give a license to a one “Barrack Hussein Obama” by chance?

      • ballsohardclub

        BDDD, STFU U AZZ.

      • Heh

        No- his name then was Barry Sotero

      • OBAMA-BIDEN 2012: REAL Change Takes 8 Years

        I just reported you to http://www.AttackWatch.net

      • anna kafira

        80 years wont fix stupid …..obama is a idiot islamic puppet

      • anna kafira

        80 years wont fix whats wrong with that lying moslem puppet

      • jfhdsiu

        Snicker…….Chuckle……. Guffaw!!!!!!!!
        Like that carries ANY weight!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Report away……..
        You must be one of those reprehensible, despicable traitors to the American people I’ve spoken of.

      • JeddMcHead

        Lol, bed-wetting, boot-licking sychophant! What a tool! Report away, loser!

      • JeddMcHead

        D*mn it! My reply to “OBAMA-BIDEN 2012: REAL Change Takes 8 Years” got bumped to another section of the comment thread??? WTH?

        Bunky — disregard.

      • jfhdsiu

        It’s a CBS site! They employ Liberals. Liberals don’t like what we say. Enough said..

      • hkindrick

        I reported you too!

      • Tyrone

        Anyone with a tag like “obama-biden 2012” should be reported to the local mental facility and immediately put on a 48 hour psych hold.

      • Paulii

        Real change takes 8 years? So that’s the losers mantra now? Forget the hope and change, I kinda suck at this government work, so give me 8 years and I swear I’ll fix it? I was just BS’ing you when I said if the economy and unemployment wasn’t fixed by the end of my 3rd year I don’t deserve to be reelected?

        Or how about “huh, I guess those jobs weren’t so shovel ready he he he”.

        The idiot and his little dog Biden need to be unemployed fo sho.

      • rebelamerican

        Hey… she a criminal… not an idiot!

    • danthefan

      sounds like she was trained well by harry reid,.steal from the people all you can.

  • Gina

    ILLEGAL aliens steal American jobs.

    • moctezuma

      You whites stole our land. Go back to Europe.

      • Gary Cook

        We made it a much better place; get over it.

      • You stole the land, enslaved the people

        Uneducated Mexican!! Do you think that the Juanaros, Hopi, Chumash, Apache, Pai-Ute, Navajo, or Zuni tribes were pleased that your SPANISH Conquistadors enslaved them to make YOUR Catholic Missions, or to work in your mines???

        And how is it that you speak Spanish, the language not of the Aztecs, but the language of the KING of SPAIN????

      • digitus

        Actually those are your Spanish heritage, admit it. We don’t speak espanol in the USA.

      • Bunky

        Just think,
        you wouldn’t have any place to run to if whites weren’t here.
        A– H—

    • Jay Weinstein

      From who? The slobs in the inner cities, who weren’t working to begin with?

      • radicaltruth

        Moronic statement/question…. painters, electricians, drywallers, truckers… the mantra that illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do or don’t want to do is pathetically contrived and totally false.

      • Josh Biggs

        construction for one weinerstein you f-ing moron

      • Darrel

        14 million illegals in the USA and YOU think they don’t take jobs from US citizens? Think much liberal tool?

      • beavis415

        You’re not only a fool, but Jewish fool at that. You’re a disgrace to the race….go back to Israel where you belong.

      • ManOnPoint

        Two years ago in Colorado outside Denver they raided a meat-packing and arrested 1,500 illegal aliens. The NEXT DAY, there were 3,000 US citizens applying for those $20 an jobs with full benefits. Are you kidding me??? Get your head out of the sand and wake up!!!

      • JOe Dutra

        Hey Jay, you can count my teenage son and his friends. There was a time when teenagers could get a part-time job. Not anymore. All those jobs are taken by Spanish speakers.

      • rebelamerican

        Mr Jay Weinstein…

        Has it occured to you the “Slobs in the inner city” who aren’t working, are themselves illegal aliens and/or the children of illegal aliens?

        No all illegal aliens come here to work. Some come to cromit crimes, burglary, drug smuggling and sales, rape and murder. Some come to just leech off our overburden public services a steal a ‘free ride’ on government assistance.

        I guess what I’m trying to say Mr. Weinstein is, you must have a ful/ view of your colon and bowels, what with you having your head up your…

      • chuck

        Darrell suggests there are ONLY 14 million ILLEGALS … that figure has been used for the last 20 years …. with an estimated 2 million ILLEGALS coming over each year, you may want to start using more realistic numbers, like 75 million ILLEGALS (taking into account NAFTA and the new mexican trucks comnig through our borders now !!).

      • Don McCoy

        Does it matter? Since they’re criminals by definition they should all be deported. If they want to live in the US, they can apply through the proper channels.

  • Doustoi

    Waiting to see the connection to the democrat party.

    • JOe Dutra

      Bingo! And it is happening everywhere.

      • WakeUp

        It sure is happening all over. I have seen it. I stood in line waiting to renew my driver’s license. A man of the cloth had a group of Mexican children around 10 to 12 years old with him. He handed the clerk a piece of paper, (yes, just one piece of paper for all of them) and they all stood up and got their pictures taken for their state ID at a state office shared with the state troopers and the counters under video surveillance. All done by a Mexican clerk. Read the signs at the license bureau and the social security offices. It states that your birth certificate is not needed or mandatory as proof to apply for ID or benefits.

        Our driver’s licenses are not worth the paper and plastic they are printed on. We have all been taken to the cleaners.

    • Concerned

      Now these illegals can vote with the use of their new driver’s license. More votes for Obama.

      • Chris

        In that case, The 28-year-old Nancy Brown of Las Vegas can expect a presidental pardon any time now.

  • live-learn

    “ILLEGAL aliens steal American jobs.”

    If your competing with an illegal for a job at McDee’s or landscaping…I do feel sorry for you. Quit crying and learn a skill that can be used in the new economy, or be rendered obsolete.

    • Richard Henkle

      they’re called HS students. learn to see past that wool you’ve pulled over your eyes.

    • you're stupid

      It’s also construction and manufacturing jobs. You’re just too plain stupid to realize what’s going on.

      • Bruce Frykman

        I would be willing to bet that most of these illegals could frame a house more squarely than anyone in the White House or in Congress

    • Chris Edens

      Richard – Exactly! And the “new economy” is putting adults and people of all skill levels against these work for pennies illegals.

      Live-Learn – Foot meet mouth.

      I agree with the majority of sentiments here and that is throw the book at her and make an example so that we send a clear message to these dishonest traders. To think this loser contributes to the demise of this country for her own greedy gains.

      • CW

        Not to mention the 100,000’s of thousands of other illegals that are voting for the effing libs that are trashing our country. YOu think this is isolated to Nevada??

        IT is exactly why libs want relaxed rules with regard to driver’s licenses-power…

      • danthefan

        thats why the liberals dont want to force people to show photo i.d when voting. iguess if you can get someone like her to make fake ones you get yourself more voters.

    • gross negilgence

      There is no new economy, unless you consider make-work government jobs created by Ob*ma the “new economy.”

    • Ozlanthos

      I suppose I am to starve without a job until I learn a new trade then eh? Wow, is that what liberal “compassion” looks like? I only get help if I came here of my own free will from another country?


      • Tasost

        You can’t help, you can only suggest. Have we not laeenrd that hand-outs create a bigger problem than there was to begin with? Look at our nation, generations who have never worked, living off the government dole. Any help that does not require work is enabling. It only leads to regress, not progress! Our government thinks they are helping them by giving them free money and amnesty. It will backfire and we will all pay a high price for their thinking.

    • PJ

      How about all the teenagers that can’t get a job at McD’s or other places that are minimum wage. What the heck are they supposed to do to work? Wake up! We have so many teens not working that they are turning to crime otr just sitting around doing nothing but getting into trouble.

      • dareisay

        If it’s not illegals taking our jobs, it’s new VISA workers our government keeps allowing to come here.

        IT jobs, for one, the American is forced to train VISA workers from India, or they are told they will lose their benefits…..but as they do…..the Indian worker is kept on the payroll, while the American worker is given the boot!

        In 2009, our elite politicians allowed 1.2 million new VISA workers to come here, this on top of the illegals, and millions of immigrants made new citizens each and every year…..and politicians can’t figure out why citizens are losing jobs!

        Then there are our factories shutting down to go to China…or Mexico…

        There are just so many jobs to go around here, and our politicians are constantly bringin in more and more people each and every year!

        And do not tell me there are certain jobs Americans won’t do…two meat pacing companies hired illegals, got raided, and the next day, Americans were standing in line waiting to put in an application for work!

        Our government is our own worst enemy!

    • jim

      When I was sixteen I drove a school bus and worked in sawmill for a farmer and in the summer I worked in the fields picking tobacco, sometimes for 16 hours a day (I had done that since I had been 12).

      Liberals said teenagers like me were exploited, or in the case of the bus driver job; we were taking jobs from adults. I say I learned a lot: work ethic, responsibility and accountability. Today…teens have fewer options and can’t even work until reaching a certain age…parents can’t be trusted I guess.

      • jim

        OBTW, teenagers don’t work on many farms anymore…nearly all of the labor is done by illegals or should I dare say future Obama voters (register to vote at the DMV don’t you know).

      • Steve Roberts

        By the time I was 18 many years ago I had already had 3 or 4 jobs. which is probably 3 or 4 more than the OWS type have ever had. And they were all the type being filled by illegals these days while the OWS crows whines on about Wall Street. Makes me sick to hear about jobs Americans won’t do when defending illegals.

      • dareisay

        Obama’s comrads have come out against teens working on farms!

        Many teens used to work at resorts, but now that work goes to new VISA workers!

    • Steve Roberts

      What new economy? You mean a govt. job (if you have the right connections) or the unemployment-WIC-food stamp route? There is your Obama economy.

    • rebelamerican

      Sometimes people take these jobs to earn money WHILE learning a skill.

      live-learn must be proud of their ignorance, to display it so publicly!

    • jlb

      GET REAL, live-learn

    • Bohemond

      As if we don’t have a surplus of unskilled labor of our own, people collecting welfare instead of working in those McJobs you so despise. Not to mention all those recent college graduates with degrees in Sociology, Minor Elizabethan Poets or Victimhood Stdies.

    • Ratt

      Why don’t you tell that to the dozer drivers, the truck drivers, the carpenters, brick layers, the sheetrockers, the painters, the roofers, the plumbers and the construction workers. You liberals kill me, and yes Illegal Mexicans bloc-vote Democrat, there’s your conenction, go goolge it.

  • dooky

    She should be Frog marched out into the parking lot and summarily SHOT in front of all the illegals.

    • anna kafira

      nah just make her drive the bus that returns them to their own country

  • Rob

    Am I wrong here or does that seem too low? After probation she will not get more than 3 years…$250k? She collected between $500k and $640k…So when she gets out she will still have plenty of cash…Just doesn’t seem right!

    • santa

      They can sic the IRS on her and put her in federal prison for another 10 years and take away all the ill-gotten gains after penalties and taxes. I wonder if anyone has notified them yet

  • Joe Kansas City

    214 licenses at $2250 (the average between $1500 & $3000) is $481500. So she is going to make out with over $231500 after paying the fine of $250k. That is if she gets the full fine. So it seems crime does pay in this situation not counting the 10 years in jail which she probably wont serve the full sentence. She should have to pay back all of the earned income from the transactions and should have a life sentence. This behavior is unacceptable. We have to stop the abuse of power in this country. Just like Blago should be going away longer than he is. You cannot abuse a public position for your benefit. It should not be accepted!

  • Live and let die

    she should be deported together with Live-Learn

  • UnPCdMOM

    How many of these people then used their licenses to register to Vote? and in how many states…minimum residency requirements etc…

    We NEED VOTER ID, even if its purple thumbprints and a computer analysis of all voters to kick out duplicates and fraud

    • hiway280z

      you are so right. Easy in Nevada, I read they register to vote and answer the question “are you a citizen ? They check “si” and go vote. No proof they are citizens needed.Acorn fraud here too.

    • Al

      Where did you get the idea you need to produce a driver’s license or any other identification to register to vote? In Oklahoma you don’t have to produce any identification to register or to vote. How many other states are like Oklahoma where you never have to “prove” that you’re who you say you are or that you’re eligible to vote.

      • rebelamerican

        We do in Texas now, thanks to Governor Rick Perry and the state Republican led legislature.

        In Texas, no Government issued Photo ID – NO VOTE!

        Obama is opposed to this… because he needs those illegally cast ballots to stay in office.

      • dareisay

        Every vote from an illegal alien, or by fraud….cancels out your legal vote!

        Wake up! No foreigner should be allowed to vote here, if they are not a legal citizen!

    • Zexufang Fang

      As to –
      “… even if its purple thumbprints and a computer analysis of all voters to kick out duplicates and fraud”

      GREAT idea. TWO thumbs up!!

  • BDDD

    Was Obama a client?

  • S Johnson

    She will never do a day and will be in Mexico by end of year if she isn’t already.

  • American Patriot

    Is the DMV going after those illegals to get back their licenses??????

    • JadeABlue

      DMV has no investigative power. Maybe the state will step up unless Eric Holder has already threatened to sue if they do.

  • Stephanie Kelley

    And then they all voted Democrat.

  • Eric Holdhell

    I wonder if this had anything to do with Fast & Furious.

    • rebelamerican

      No, it had to do with Obama.

      Not “Fast & Furious”… “Slow & Stupid”.

  • slickzip

    Yes sir a real good dumbocrat a d ODUMBA voter ..

  • RuRu

    My God, is everyone a thief in this country? I can;t believe all the crime like this. People cheating, stealing money, stealing everything. What has happened to our society!!!

    • CW

      Liberalism happened

    • PJ

      Liberalism and Progressives! Illegals run rampant, Presidents lie, Congressmen have boyfriends doing tricks out of their apartments, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and all the corrupt politicians we keep electing! That is what happened. NO MORE GOD IN OUR SCHOOLS – NOTHING IS SHAMEFULL ANYMORE! HOLLYWOOD and all the trash in that town. On and on and on!!!

    • Alfred Hussein Neuman

      It’s the entitlement mentality that the democrats and extreme left have been pushing since the 1960’s. Giving Handouts without expecting anything in return. No work, no life style changes, no responsible living. The left just empowers irresponsible living. Now, if the government doesn’t give it to me, I’ll just take it.

  • Alfred Hussein Neuman

    I blame George Bush and Global Warming.

  • Grandma's Mad

    Is the DMV going after those illegals to get back their licenses??????
    I am a Grandmother and Our kids/grandkids here cannot get an ENTRY level job in any of the Casinos unless you are bilingual Spanish….Station Casino even has an Ad on TV where they BRAG about that they help their employees get citizenship……so they are knowingly hiring illegals…and our CITIZEN kids/grandkids can’t get jobs…..BOYCOTT Station Casinos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rebelamerican

      I made my first visit to LAs Vegas in September, and I probably won’t be back, because of all the Casino, Hotel and Resturant staffers who couldn’t (or wouldn’t) speak English.

      Illegal aliens are ruining this country for Americans.

  • picomanning

    When a DMV official can take bribes to essentially provide cover for illegals then why couldn’t terrorists get the same cover?
    Every license granted under that official’s watch needs to be reevaluated and that official should be made to pay for all of that after her 10 years of hard labor or what other cost to her life for this crass crime.

    • hiway280z

      Iam sure they do. They have caught a few terrorist walking across the boarder with mexicans. found prayer rugs left behind. You know many got through. It is a matter of time when no matter where you go everything around you will be blown up. We will live like the mid east live.

  • Dr. Boo Hoo

    How many people were killed by these drivers? She should be charged as an accessory to manslaughter if anyone was killed.


    • rebelamerican

      Makes you wonder is Obama’s Uncle (the illegal alien and 3x drunk driver) got his license from this person.

      If anyone was harmed or (God help them) killed by an illegal aliens this crook gave a license to, they should be prosectuted as an accessory before the fact to the crime.

  • The Curmudgeon in NC

    Remember! YOUR tax dollars paid her salary while she was skimming from the border-jumpers. She didn’t come up with this idea on her own…..SOMEbody contributed some thought (aka: PRICE)….I wonder how many *OTHERS* are doing the same thing? And not just in Nevada…….

  • Francis

    This happens all the time in the Miami area, and it’s been going on for many years. A DMV office was busted a few years ago and they admitted to doing it. But since they were Cubans, they weren’t even fired! Just told to stop doing it.

  • boson Higgs

    Let’s see… In 13 MONTHS she made a MINIMUM of $322,000.00. I wonder if she’ll have to pay the MAXIMUM fine of $250,000. Plus she got her Government salary, and etirement benefits during that tim.

    Who says that crime DOESN”T pay ???

  • boson Higgs

    MEANWHILE… 84-year-old woman gets STRIP-SEARCHED at airport by Federal T.S.A. agents, because, you know, we have to be EXTRA CAREFUL about our transportation system !

  • zippy doodah

    what’s really deplorable is that there are many more of these same criminals throughout our country. this isn’t a remote incident. plus how many other people were involved with this lady?? sounds like a pretty big operation..

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