APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. (AP) A preliminary federal report shows the pilot of a plane that crashed into the Superstition Mountains on Nov. 23 appears to have flown straight into a cliff without making any effort to climb over the mountain.

The National Transportation Safety Board’s report into the crash that killed three men and three children was released Saturday.

It shows that 31-year-old pilot Russell Hardy of Thatcher took off from Mesa’s Falcon Field and climbed while heading east. Two minutes into the flight, Hardy was cleared to turn right and head toward his destination in Safford.

Hardy climbed to 4,500 feet and maintained that altitude until hitting the cliff less than five minutes after takeoff.

He was killed along with airplane co-owner Shawn Perry, his three children and mechanic Joseph Hardwick of Safford.

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Comments (3)
  1. pismopal says:

    Aren’t there standard warnings for private pilots about a safe altitude when climbing away from this airport? sheesh!

    1. Pilot says:

      This is called a CFIT….Controlled Flight Into Terrain….

      It means that for whatever reason the pilot believed his altitude was safe, and above any terrain he expected to encounter….unfortunately this pilot was incorrect…

      1. Pilot says:

        It is the pilot’s responsibility to be sure of his terrain clearance…if ATC sees a problem they will certainly intervene, but this was a small airport and there was most likely no ATC watching him on the radar scope…

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