UNDATED (AP) — Occupy Wall Street protesters in Las Vegas have celebrated Thanksgiving with a potluck.

Organizer Sebring Frehner says he was happy to skip the traditional meal at home and enjoy the holiday with the community that has set up camp near the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Frehner says celebrating Thanksgiving with many different families is more like the original meal that inspired the holiday.

Other Occupy camps have held similar events. In San Francisco, hundreds of campers prepared turkey dinners that were handed out by volunteers, church charities and supporters of the movement against social and economic inequality. In New York, Occupy organizers distributed Thanksgiving meals at Zuccotti Park, where the protest movement began on Sept. 17 before spreading nationwide.

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    wow these comments are AMAZING you guys make me so happy I larely do hope everyone loved them as much as I loved drawing them, soo THANK YOU EVERYONE oh and backwards pants comments cracked me up!! I’m going to try it one day hahaha! les twins family ftw

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