LAS VEGAS (CBS Las Vegas) — Infighting within Occupy Las Vegas has caused the movement to split into two.

Some members left Occupy Las Vegas and formed Occupy LV after a dispute over a lease.

The group’s home base – a parking lot between Paradise Road and Swenson Street– was leased from the County Commissioner’s Office last month. In a renegotiation last week, the three individuals who signed the lease on behalf of Occupy Las Vegas established a separate nonprofit entity, so they would be less liable for incidents on the property and so they could claim it on their taxes.

Former spokesperson and current Occupy LV member Gina Sully said while the three who signed the lease said money would find it’s way to Occupy Las Vegas, “‘pretty much guarantee’ and ‘guarantee’ are not the same thing.”

Occupy LV released a statement explaining its side. Among their complaints is that the General Assembly has no say over the nonprofit’s board and that the board has a legal right to exclude who it wishes from decisions as they’re made by committee on the premises.

Sebring Frehner, who’s still with the original organization and signed the lease, said 99.9 percent of the group that calls itself the 99 percent “literally doesn’t understand anything about legalese, legal matters, liability, etc., etc.”

As two separate entities, a possibility exists that they’ll become one. Frehner said it’s unlikely.

“I’m personally against combining the two and I would imagine the other two signatories would be too after the hissy-fit Gina Sully had,” Frehner said.

He said it’s fine the two exist separately, though.

“Ultimately,” Frehner said, “of course, the money would end up going to Opportunities Las … I mean, Occupy Las Vegas.”


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