LAS VEGAS (AP) — A group protesting record Wall Street profits has demonstrated outside a Bank of America branch in downtown Las Vegas.

A few dozen Occupy Las Vegas demonstrators had gathered outside the bank by mid-afternoon Friday. Some carried signs, including one that read, “Wake me up when the American dream is over.”

The group also plans a protest outside a Wells Fargo branch in Las Vegas next week. Organizers are urging supporters to close their bank accounts and deposit their money in credit unions.

The protests are unfolding as the anti-Wall Street movement is growing across Nevada and the nation.

Nevada demonstrators also planned protests in Reno and Carson City this weekend.

The efforts are modeled after Wall Street protests in New York City blaming corporate interests for the nation’s economic troubles.

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  1. NotBofA says:

    Enough is enough, vote with your feet and leave BofA, everything you need is right here – – including a way to find a good local bank or credit union, and funny form letters to choose from pre-addressed to the CEO telling him why you are leaving. Some examples “because I’m mad as hell”, “because that money is mine”, “because I’m a greedy capitalist”, “because I’m a patriot”…

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