(Las Vegas, NV)  — Members of the Occupy Las Vegas group are settling into their new site near the Thomas and Mack Center. Last week, Clark County officials gave the OK for the local chapter of the Occupy Wall Street movement to camp out on the two-acre site until November 21st. Members must comply with the county’s rules, which include setting up trash and toilet facilities.

Comments (3)
  1. Mark Allen Tunney says:

    So they’re telling you, where you can protest? And for how long? I think the people of Las Vegas should be telling greedy corporate america, and local government, that we will Occupy wherever we choose. Not some empty parking lot, out of they eye of the city.

  2. Thom says:

    Mark Allen T, get a grip, ok? And as for this story (as with ALL the OWS stories), I can best sum up my and most people’s responses – YAWN!

  3. Matto says:

    Occupy Las Vegas? Dems own this town, especially the strip, remember Harry Reids re-election and all the shenanigans?

    Hilarious! Dems want to catch this OWS tiger by its tail. But they are on the OWS list of “capitalist pigs.”

    With all of the power unions have on the strip, people who are EARNING some money, and all the hotel owners giving MASSIVE donations to re-elect Reid…You really think they are going to let OWS put a bump in front of that gravy train? A bunch of Bolsheviks marching up and down the street giving the strip a bad appearance.

    Yeah you bet they got pigeon holed to a tiny lot on the east side of town.

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