Las Vegas, NV (CBS Las Vegas) — A Las Vegas man will spend the rest of his life behind bars after making his roommate squeal like a pig before killing him.

Perry Duane Danley was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Thursday for the January 2009 murder of Jon Moore. Danley plead guilty to the crime in August.

When police originally showed up to his Las Vegas apartment in 2009, Danley walked up to the first officer on the scene and told him to “put me in handcuffs.”

According to reports, Danley immediately confessed to the killing.

“I’m the guy. The gun is hot. The gun did its job,” Danley said, according to police reports obtained by CBS Las Vegas.

When homicide detectives showed up, Danley then stated, “I made him squeal like a pig. I have another side to me.”

Once in custody, Danley described the crime step-by-step. He also admitted to hiding the body in the closet for weeks to see how long it would take for somebody to complain of the smell.

When one of his other roommates complained about the smell, Danley told him it was from a dead animal in the walls of the house.


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