The Boise State Broncos plan to shake things up this weekend against the visiting Nevada Wolfpack, Boise State geosciences students will be on hand to capture and measure crowd excitement. Seismic football also will be part of the pre-game and game-time action.

From 10 a.m.-noon, geosciences professor Kasper VanWijk and several graduate and undergraduate students will be on hand on the patio of Boise State’s Environmental Research Building to explain how a newly built seismometer that utilizes a blue and orange bowling ball measures vibrations both above and below ground. The team then will record seismic waves generated from crowd noise during the game. During past measurements, interceptions proved to draw the most earth-shaking reactions from the crowd, surpassing even touchdowns.

“The football game provides us a tremendous outreach opportunity to show what we’re doing at Boise State and create excitement for geosciences,” VanWijk said. “The seismometers are fun, like toys, but they also are precise instruments that pick up earthquakes from around the world.”
Members of the university’s Geophysics Club and Boise State Football Seismology Team have presented data collected at Bronco Stadium at academic conferences.


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