(North Las Vegas, NV)  —  An effort is under way to recall North Las Vegas Mayor Shari Buck.  Three of the city’s residents are leading the effort to gather enough signatures to force a recall election.  They accuse Buck of favoring police and fire unions at the expense of other city services.  Buck says she’s not worried by the recall effort, saying there are “bigger issues to worry about.”  A recall rally is planned for this afternoon
outside City Hall.

  1. Scott Williams says:

    I do not like your on line connection setup. As I listen to any program and want to read a Las Vegas news story, I cannot get back to the ‘Listen’ screen in case I need to mute the audio when I am on the phone. Is there any way you can have your webmaster alter your screen to allow returning to the ‘Listen’ screen from any connection within your web page? As it is, I have to close the web connection when the phone rings and reconnect after I end the call if I have gone to any news story. What a nuisance.
    Hope you can help change this and thanks.

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