(Las Vegas, NV)  — Developer Jim Rhodes’ plan to build homes and businesses near Red Rock Canyon has cleared a hurdle.  County commissioners have approved initial plans for Rhodes to build more than four-thousand homes and a business park on a 2500-acre hilltop area in the west end of the valley.  Critics who attended yesterday’s often-heated meeting say the project will spoil the beauty of the popular recreation area.  Rhodes can now begin design and engineering efforts, which need to be approved before
construction can begin.

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  1. Diane says:

    Really. You are going to allow Jim Rhodes to RUIN Red Rock. But am I really surprised? Las Vegas politicians have made some pretty poor choices on behalf of their residents and this is just another example of the ‘good ole boy’ network. Once those houses are built there, Red Rock will be scarred forever. What are they thinking? New home sales are way down and plenty of business parks remain unfinished and/or vacant. We DO NOT have a shortage of business park space or housing. Does Jim Rhodes have that much power over the politicians that they are willing to sacrifice one of the last beautiful spots remaining in Las Vegas. This makes me sick. It’s just business as usual in Las Vegas. Shame on YOU councilmen/women! You are not acting in the public’s best interest. Just for once, can you think LONG-TERM and put our Las Vegas resident’s quality of life FIRST!

    1. Tim says:

      Diane, you pretty well summed it up. Complete stupidity, greed, and shortsightedness.

      Las Vegas should take advantage of the current slump and use eminent domain to buy most of the large parcels remaining and turn them into parks, but of course they will eventually be sold and turned into high density housing, making Las Vegas resemble a hotter and drier LA.

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