The Nevada Highway Patrol is conducting its annual “Badge on Board” program this week to promote increased safety between cars and trucks on the highways.  The program involves embedding NHP troopers with drivers of big rig tractor-trailers on the freeways, in order to spot and catch drivers who make unsafe maneuvers around trucks.  NHP Trooper Loy Hixson tells KXNT the program will specifically focus on the busy I-15 corridor between downtown Las Vegas and the Blue Diamond Road exit at the south end of the valley.  The NHP will specifically look for drivers that violate the so-called “No-Zone” around trucks, which means following too closely or getting over too closely in front of trucks.  Hixson notes that large trucks require a much larger braking distance than cars, so vehicles that get too close in front of them run the risk of causing serious accidents.  Overall though, he says the number one thing drivers need to do around large trucks is pay attention and keep their eyes on the roadway in front of them.  The NHP reports most of the serious accidents on freeways are due to drivers being distracted or not paying attention.

Hixson adds that Badge on Board has led to a reduction in the number of accidents involving cars and semi trucks in recent years.  This year’s program runs from July 26-28.  More information is available at

(Photo courtesy Matt Carda/Getty Images)


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