We have a team on the ground of Comic-Con bringing us the latest, greatest and smelliest news from the world biggest fan convention.  Check out their latest find.

Well, we managed to kick-off day two of San Diego’s Comic-Con International in bombastic style as we crashed a one-on-one interview with Penn & Teller. We all looked a little confused until we realized that we we’d walked into the wrong room.

cc daytwo wrap up post 11 Comic Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, Ugly Americans And William Shatner

Once we’d found our way next door, we got some quality time with Paul Scheer to chat about his new Adult Swim outing, NTSF:SD:SUV. “Now that’s a lot of letters,” I hear you cry! But that’s kind of the point: National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle is a spoof of shows such as NCIS and CSI. Why San Diego? Well, according to Scheer, they wanted to pick an innocuous town and it was a toss-up between San Diego or Rhode Island. I think all San Diegan’s, especially the Comic-Con attendees are happy with the choice he made. See the show on Adult Swim, Thursdays at 12:15am ET/PT.

cc daytwo wrap up post 21 Comic Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, Ugly Americans And William Shatner

Moving swiftly around the seemingly infinite lines for Hall H panels, we rocked our bad selves up into the rafters of the Convention Center to meet with none other than Captain James T. William Shatner! But what’s this? Mr. Shatner was flanked by Captain’s Scott Bakula and Avery Brooks! The three chiefs answered questions about Shatner’s new film “Captains,” a documentary where he interviews the skipper of each Star Trek helm. Of course, the discussion devolved a little into über-fan territory where we learned one thing, never ask William Shatner what his favorite episode is…

cc daytwo wrap up post 6 Comic Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, Ugly Americans And William Shatner

Having taken a few minutes to down a gallon of water and a couple of protein bars, we were back over to the Bayfront Hilton to interview, the Vicious Brothers,  the young film makers behind Grave Encounters which documents a ghost-hunting reality television show. No where near as scary as their name suggests, we discussed the reality-based sub-genre with the duo and their plans for creating more. Grave Encounters premiers in New York and Los Angeles August 19th and 20th for midnight screenings and will be available nationwide on demand August 25th.

cc daytwo wrap up post 32 Comic Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, Ugly Americans And William Shatner

As we were working our way out of the Hilton we… WHAT’S THIS?! Our very own paparazzi moment with none other than Steven Spielberg! Surprisingly, the directing legend is making his first-ever Comic-Con appearance to receive his career achievement award from the events organizers. Also promoting his new venture with Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson, “The Adventures of Tintin,” Spielberg made a surprise announcement to make us giddy with anticipation: after over a decade, he’ll be returning to the land before time to Direct Jurassic Park 4! Rawrrrr!

Next-up we tracked over to the Marriott Marquis where Paul Andrejco was showing his Puppet Heap Moving Picture Co. feature “I Knew An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly.” A story of gluttony, obsession and veterinary gastronomy, wherein a monstrous series of events inevitably blankets a disquieted seaside village in a strange place… Sound dark? It is. This new look at the age-old arts of puppetry and folk tales will capture your imagination. Check it out at http://www.puppetheap.com.

cc daytwo wrap up post 4 Comic Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, Ugly Americans And William Shatner

Back into the Convention Center, we caught up with the voice actors and animators behind Comedy Central’s new hit show Ugly Americans. Everyone involved was incredibly excited to be back for their second year of Comic-Con and ready for whatever the fans were ready to throw at them during their upcoming panel session.

Closing-in on the day’s finish line, we yo-yoed back over to the Bayfront Hilton to spend a few moments with Colin Farrell and his supporting cast on-hand to promote their recreation of the vampire classic Fright Night. Everyone went to great pains to assure us that this was a worthwhile recreation and we believe them. When asked if being a new father has changed his acting choices, he responded, “Yes. Now I exclusively play deranged killers.”

cc daytwo wrap up post 51 Comic Con 2011 Day 2: Colin Farrell, Ugly Americans And William Shatner

Our final pit-stop as we lapped day two of Comic-Con was for a special screening of director Leon Ford’s upcoming feature “Griff The Incredible” featuring Ryan Kwanten which we LOVED but we’re not going to give away anything! What we can tell you is that soundtrack artists [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Kids At Risk[/lastfm] flew all the way up to San Diego from down-under to perform at the screening… and they were awesome. Look out for them and await the film with baited breath just as we’re looking forward to chatting with Ford on the convention floor tomorrow.

As the sun dips behind the Convention Center, we’re making our way back to home base to refuel and refresh for Day Three!


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