Two of the three Las Vegas police officers who shot and killed Erik Scott at Costco  last year have received honors in a national officer of the year award.

Chris Collins, executive director of the Las Vegas Police Protective Association,  tells the R-J he nominated the two officers and officer Mike Madland.  Madland was shot twice while chasing a robbery suspect in March 2010, and nearly lost his leg from the shooting. Ironically, he did not win an award.

Officers William Mosher and Joshua Stark received honorable mention in the National Association of Police Officers’ TOP COPS awards.  The third officer involved in the shooting, Thomas Mendiola, was not honored. In January, Mendiola was charged with a felony for unlawfully giving a handgun to a twice-convicted felon in an unrelated case. His preliminary hearing is set for May.

Collins called the two local incidents the “top two heroic events our officers participated in last year.”

The National Association of Police Officers represents 2,000 police unions nationwide.

Comments (15)
  1. Alex says:

    Costco and these cops helped murder an innocent man. Hope these pigs meet the same real soon.

  2. cp says:

    Did the video ever show up/

  3. Dave_a says:

    ARFCOM tin foil has arrived!

  4. ben says:

    Ok so cops murder a guy and they are honored for it? sad

  5. Billy B says:

    They absolutely didn’t deserve a damn thing. Except termination. Costco and the police murdered a man. share the one brain which says it all.

  6. Paul Brauer says:

    ARFCOM might be busy right now fixing photocopiers. That or making arguments that contradict themselves. The one on the right looks like the gung-ho one that over-reacted. The tub of lard joined in when his stubby fingers managed to fumble his gun out of his jelly stained holster. Not easy to do when you’re eating a donut with the other. The dark skinned officer joined in because as the token black guy he knows what’s good for him. Now the gubberment just cleans up the mess.

  7. Alan Ryder says:

    Their actions make it really hard for the large number of good cops out there. No one wants to see them except when they need them. It’s total bull like this that sets the standard for other cops watching. The move encourages the ‘bad’ cops to think they can get away with it. Then it makes the job for the good cops with a conscience much harder. Some of those accounts from witnesses were nothing more than Chinese whispers. Folks thought they were doing their part, lying if need be. A man died for no reason.

  8. Alex says:

    Costco and these cops helped murder an innocent man. Hope these pigs meet the same real soon.

    Who ever reported the comment before was as big a coward as these cops.

    Conspiracies don’t exist. No man ever makes deals for money, power, postion, a job, price fixing, etc. Here’s one to blow your minds. The conspiracy is to pretend scratch-my-back suddenly doesn’t exist. After all to admit it means there’s no wiggle room.

  9. concerned citizen says:

    cowards are the monday morning quarterbacks that make idiotic comments on an incident that they have no first hand experience of. Those who would judge these officers with no knowledge of their experience on that day are fools. while terrible that a man died… the good news is he was so full of drugs that he probably never felt it. These men were cleared buy a jury of citizens who had ALL the facts of the case presented to them. I thank all Police officers and military for protecting all cowards everywhere.

  10. Al Izzy says:

    Don’t worry, bad Karma will come back to bite these murderers in the ass. Thomas Mendiola was the first to get indicted for a different unrelated crime he commited. The other two will face their bad karma, wheather soon, or long run. In all, justice will be served on the other two muderers.

  11. Al Izzy says:

    Concerned Citizen: You must be living in La-La Land…. You haven’t heard the doctor witness that said that the victim did not pull his gun out? Or how about the Judge that kept vital info from the jury about the lies that the store detective said on the phone to Metro Dispatcher? I saw the procedings on TV here in Vegas. It was a joke…. You need to get a life… There are bad cops as well as good cops… The bad cops are giving the good cops a bad name…. The good cops are afraid to speak up and get rid of the bad cops off the force….

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