(Carson City, NV) — The Clark County School District is hoping to tackle truancy with a large bill tying incentives such as teen drivers’ licenses and parents’ hunting licenses to school attendance.

The Assembly Education Committee on Monday heard AB64, the Graduation Priority Act — an effort to raise the graduation rate in a state that ranks first in the nation for dropouts.

The bill comes with both punishments and rewards to prod students to finish high school, including provisions that make graduation policies more flexible and others that allow principals to bring law enforcement to investigate a truancy case.

AB64 requires students to show proof of school attendance or graduation before they can get a driver’s license or work permit.

No action was taken on the bill Monday.

Comments (2)
  1. Tony says:

    What a crock, education is a privlege that should be appreciated. It the kid is truant and failing than he/she should be put into a traid school and if that doesn’t work give them bus fare to the nearest casino and they can try to get a job parking cars because that is all they can hope aspire to.

  2. the electrician says:

    big gov in our homes once again, its the punk who doesnt want to learn so just put them in juvenile hall. If the parent tries everything to get their kid in school than the child decides not to go its not the parents fault.

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