Governor Brian Sandoval’s proposed pay cuts and salary freezes for state
workers could save money, but may hurt Nevada in the long run.  That’s what state workers told the Assembly Ways and Means Committee yesterday.  They claim the governor’s plan would hurt education and lead valuable state workers to leave Nevada.  Sandoval’s top budget official, Andrew Clinger, says the proposed five-percent pay cut and salary freezes would save nearly 600-million dollars over the next two years.

  1. Dan says:

    What a bunch of BS. State employees enjoy great salaries and benefits. How many workers have defined benefit plans other than government employees?

    These state employees are liars. Cut their salaries 10%, 20%, and not one of them will quit! Where are they gonna go? Do they think other state’s are hiring? Idiots!

    Oh BTW, I am a state employee.

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