A protest is being planned on the Las Vegas Strip over cuts in education spending.  Supporters have posted messages on Facebook and Twitter, announcing the event planned for this Sunday outside the Bellagio fountains.  They claim the proposed cuts for public schools and colleges are, quote, “embarrassing and shameful,” and would lead to the loss of programs, faculty and potential students.  More details on what’s being called “Shut Down The Strip For Education” will be announced at a meeting tonight at UNLV’s Moyer Student Union food court.

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  1. Bill Nelson says:

    Oh Boo Hoo… Someone should take the little $hits and teach them about real life. It would be great if we could just make everything free but the only real right that you were born with is to take adversity and and turn it around with hard work. I own my own business and since the economy crashed I have had to work 60 hours a week for what works out to about $8 an hour. I’m 69 years old. Should I protest somewhre and stop real coomerce? These ungrateful spoiled brats should maybe get off of there computers and chitos, and do something that would help bring MORE to the strip and help the economy and then maybe we wouldn’t have to make these cuts.

  2. tony says:

    If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results you are a fool. Throughing more money at a broken system by any measure is just dumb.
    Give every tax payer a voucher representing their contribution to the tax base that goes to education and let them vote with it. we will have more private schools and parents that want to be engaged in their kids education will be, the others can live with the consequences. All the teachers should be hired yearly based on performance.

  3. Tony says:

    How about the higher education system not accept students who are not prepared to do college level work. that would cut out about 40% of the freshman and reduce class size and requre fewer teachers and adminsitrators.

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