bill and erik Scott Family Drops Lawsuit Against Costco

Bill Scott and Son Erik

The family of Erik Scott, the man shot and killed by police at the Costco in Summerlin, have dropped their lawsuit against the store.

According to the family attorney Ross Goodman, the lawsuit against Costco and the store’s security guard, Shai Lierly, has been voluntarily dismissed.

Scott was at the Costco in July when Las Vegas police officers shot him. The officer’s actions were ruled justified by a coroner’s inquest.

While the lawsuit against Costco and Lierly have been dropped, Goodman says the family is still pursuing their federal civil suit against Metro Police and Sheriff Doug Gillespie.

  1. Margie says:

    Since “the family” was/is so concerned, I question why they were not held responsible for allowing their addict son to carry firearms putting Nevada citizens in danger. They are attempting to transfer their guilt to others instead of realizing and accepting they were the ones at fault.

    1. Because.... says:

      People need to blame someone else for their loss.

  2. Frank L says:

    they still could have tackled him and/or shot in the legs. Why we put up with this trigger-happy, doc holiday, wild-west police department here is beyond me.

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