blue link 4 CES 2011: Car Tech & Connectivity

Photo by Leah Hovig

The number of car connectivity systems continues to grow as two new systems were introduced at CES this week. GM’s OnStar and Ford’s Sync are now joined by Hyundai’s BlueLink and Toyota’s Entune. So which will prove to be the better service?

Hyundai’s BlueLink is similar to OnStar in that it provides SOS and location services without the need of a cellular connection. You can contact BluLink’s Assurance service and be greeted by a live operator at a call-in center. BlueLink also offers remote door locking/unlocking capabilities (for those times you lock your keys in the car or forget to lock your vehicle when on vacation), a text-to-speech functionality (so you can text and email without ever taking your eyes off the road), and turn-by-turn navigation. BlueLink also has 3 buttons on the rearview mirror that access menus, web-based search, and the SOS/call-in service. You will be able to find BlueLink on 2012 Sonatas and the new 2012 Veloster.

blue link 1 CES 2011: Car Tech & Connectivity

Photo by Leah Hovig

Toyota’s Entune offers many similar features as the other connectivity systems, including hands-free calling, controlling music from various sources, navigation, and text to speech. Entune’s touchscreen interface gives access to apps including Open Table, Pandora, and Bing. Traffic and weather information is also available. Toyota has not stated on what vehicles Entune will be available, so expect an announcement in the near future.

All of these systems offer similar features, so which do you think is better?  Will you buy a vehicle specifically for one of these systems?  Sound off in the comments below!


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