bowl385 Signs Your Team Is In A Bad Bowl Game

Courtesy of the Over and Under Show, it’s the holiday tradition that just keeps growing…like your waist after all those Christmas parties. Think of it as our own fruitcake to pass around among your family and friends this college bowl season. The signs your team is in a bad bowl game.


Signs Your Team is in a Bad Bowl Game

1) It’s played before December 20th

2) It has a name that’s too long to fit on the field (The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl, the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl)

3) It’s sponsored by some sort of household appliance or yard equipment (The former Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl)

4) It has “dot-com” somewhere in the name

5) It’s in New Orleans but it’s not the Sugar Bowl

6) It’s in San Diego but it’s not the Holiday Bowl

7) It’s played during the daytime on a weekday that’s not a holiday (the Matinee Rule)

8) It’s broadcast on ESPN2 or ESPNU

9) It’s part of ESPN’s “Most Wonderful Week of the Year” promotion

10) The city you’re traveling to is colder than your home campus

11) It’s broadcast on a channel that isn’t available on basic cable (the NFL Network rule)

12) There’s a female play-by-play announcer (the Pam Ward rule)

13) It’s played on a baseball field

14) Even worse, it’s played on a baseball field with the infield dirt and pitcher’s mound cutouts still visible

15) It’s the second bowl game of the season played in the state of Alabama

16) It kicks off so early on New Year’s Day that the entire game is over by the time people on the West Coast wake up, or it has to compete with the “Tournament of Roses Parade”

17) It’s played after January 1st and it’s not a BCS game

18) It’s played in another country (the former “International Bowl” in Toronto)

19) It’s played on a field that’s any color other than green

20) It’s played in a driving blizzard

21) It’s changed names so many times, nobody can tell if it’s a new bowl or not

22) Your team accepted a bid to play in the game back in October

23) You have less than three weeks to prepare for it after your last regular season game

24) The name of the game includes the city’s nickname, but not the actual city name (i.e. “The Motor City Bowl,” “The Music City Bowl”)

25) Your lame-duck coach who’s already been fired is still coaching in the game

26) The game features not one, but two directional schools (Central Michigan vs. Middle Tennessee State)

27) Neither team has a winning record entering the game

28) It has the name “Gaylord” in the title (the former “Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl)

29) It’s named after the city or state where the game is played (i.e. the Texas Bowl, the New Mexico Bowl, the Las Vegas Bowl, the Seattle Bowl)

30) It doesn’t even have “bowl” in the title (the now-defunct “Silicon Valley Classic”)

31) Its sponsor involves auto parts or auto repair in any way (the Meineke Car Care Bowl, the Continental Tire Bowl, the “Autozone” Liberty Bowl, and the lost-but-not-forgotten “Carquest Bowl”)

32) Its title contains an odd series of letters and/or numbers (the MPC Computers Bowl, the GMAC Bowl, the “R&L Carriers” New Orleans Bowl, the BBVA Compass Bowl, the infamous “IBM/OS2” Fiesta Bowl)

33) It’s played after January 5th, and isn’t the national championship game

34) It’s sponsored by any company that accepted federal bailout money

35) Notre Dame is playing in it (since 2006 only)

36) There are more band members than actual fans in the stands

37) It’s played in a stadium with a catwalk (The St. Petersburg Bowl at Tropicana Field)

38) It’s played in Detroit

39) It has a self-important, socially conscious title (The Humanitarian Bowl, the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl)

40) It’s sponsored by a pizza place (Little Caesars Bowl, Bowl)

41) It’s played in a stadium that’s named after another bowl game (this year’s “TicketCity Bowl” played at the old Cotton Bowl Stadium)

  1. Yeager says:

    Not bad, when I first read the headline I was convinced this was going to be a ‘bash-Nevada list,’ as in Reno, and while the ‘Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl’ did make 39, it did only make 39.

    Big game for the Nevada Wolf Pack though in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, against Boston College, although it would have been nice for them to play against a team ranked higher than them.

    But a good list nonetheless, it’s hard to believe reason number 27 could actually happen, sadly I think it probably can happen and as a former Notre Dame fan, reason 35 hurts, but again, sad but true.

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