health care bill 385 Lawmakers React To Health Care Ruling

Nevada lawmakers are split along party lines on a Virginia federal judge’s ruling that struck down a key component of the health care reform law.

Judge Henry Hudson, who was appointed by President George W. Bush, ruled the law violates the Constitution by requiring individuals to obtain health insurance. Republican Senator John Ensign praised the decision, accusing Democrats of an “unprecedented reach of power,” while Congressman Dean Heller called the bill “flawed from the very beginning.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a different take, accusing reform opponents of trying everything “to protect insurance companies and block common-sense protections,” and declared “it’s time to move on.” Nevada is one of two dozen states challenging the mandatory purchase section of the health reform law. Most legal observers expect the case to be decided by the Supreme Court.

  1. Kenneth says:

    Just like Dirty Harry Reid–let’s just move on, and IGNORE the Constitution. How we Nevadans could have voted for this fool is beyond belief. Of course, we Republicans did not nominate a Reagan-incarnate in Sharron Angle, so we must share the blame.

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