north korea 385 UN Signals Concern Over Korean Violence

The UN Security Council may call an emergency meeting in response to cross-border violence on the Korean Peninsula. 

Earlier today, South Koreans were forced to flee as the North lobbed dozens of artillery shells at South Korea’s Yeonpyeong island.  Many buildings went up in flames and at least two South Korean soldiers were killed.  Dozens of soldiers and civilians were injured in the attack, which drew return fire from the South and put that country on high alert.  The bloody exchange came after the U.S. signaled plans to send an envoy to North Korea after the reclusive communist nation revealed it was working quickly to enrich uranium to make a nuclear weapon.  The North claims South Korea fired the first shots today.  For its part, the South confirms it was conducting military drills off its west coast before the attack, but says it was aiming toward the west, not the North.  The move elicited concern from several nations, including China.  The White House issued a statement strongly condemning the attack and warning the North to stop its, quote, “belligerent action.”

KXNT Morning News spoke to CBS Correspondent Don Curklin to learn more.

  1. As to China... says:

    We need to get more of Americas’ manufacturing back here. Pay more, but keep it in the USA.

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