call of duty 385 More Americans Worried About Video Games

As video game makers continue to roll out military-inspired titles, the public remains concerned about their effect on society. 

Nearly 55-percent of respondents in a new Rasmussen Reports poll say they believe there’s a correlation to the violence in the games and the violence on U.S. streets.  Just under 50-percent note they’re “very concerned” about the aggression and destruction depicted in video games, while another 21-percent admit they’re “somewhat concerned.”  Only 29-percent say they aren’t really worried about people playing violent video games, with 13-percent noting they’re, quote, “not at all concerned” about the level of violence in the games.  Older Americans have stronger reservations than younger adults about the violent video games.  However, it’s adults without children living at home, not parents, who are also more concerned about the games.

  1. jeff says:

    Blame anyone but ourselves….

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