veterans Joe's Journal November 9th

The lost homecoming.

Veteran’s Day is Thursday. There is a big parade in Las Vegas and there will be other observances across the valley and the country.  I’ve been a veteran for a while, but this will be my first Veteran’s Day Parade. I’m riding in a KXNT News Car, instead of marching down the street.  For veterans of my war, parades never seemed to appropriate.  We didn’t come home to a parade, most of us took our uniforms off as soon as we got off the ship or base and quickly donned civilian attire.  My buddies and I have always been proud of our service and mostly thankful that we made it home.  Although, I was in the war zone,  nobody ever fired a shot at me or launched a rocket my way.  It seemed that those folks at the tip  of the spear who spent their days and nights “in harms way” deserved what ever accolates were being passed out.

I’ll take part in this years parade with pride and I’ll stay mindful of the too many from my generation that didn’t get to come home. All veterans  share a common bond and the prayer that a new generation won’t have to face the same sacrifices.

  1. Not Surprised says:

    here here, couldn’t agree with you more. As a Veteran I am glade to hear that more and more of our generation are coming out and are proud. God Bless.

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