votecounting Reid, Angle Prepare For Recount

With polling for weeks showing Nevada’s Senate race as a toss-up, KXNT’s Robert Rytina reports that a recount in the election is not only possible, it’s highly probable.

Read the “recount rundown” for various states with close contests:

  1. Margie says:

    YOU BETCHA! Las Vegas/Nevada is prime area for voter fraud.
    I worked the last election and instructions were: You do not ask anyone for voter’s card or I.D.
    The only thing we could verify was the signature they wrote on the registration for a ballot. Yeh..sure, we were writing experts without training. With all the ways registrations were conducted,
    without a doubt, hundreds of unverified registrations are invalid.
    I question Larry Lomax’s comptency to hold such a responsible position whose election procedures are so careless and slipshod
    and where there is no accountability at all. both in Registrations and balloting.

    1. Okay! says:

      I agree with you Margie. My husband and myself were walking into the mall to vote and I decided to take my license out, knowing that they don’t want that. He refused to look at it and said it would be faster if he scanned my sample ballot. I said, “So if someone walks up with my ballot, they can vote under my name?” He said “Oh no, we verify your signature”. Amazing how well our poll people are trained. Too easy for fraud to happen, and it will.

  2. memyself&i says:

    I have been hearing on talk radio today that the fraud has already started. CHECK YOUR BALLOTS CLOSELY!!!!!

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