bo Obama: US combat in Iraq over, 'time to turn page'

WASHINGTON – Claiming no victory, President Barack Obama formally ended the U.S. combat role in Iraq after seven long years of bloodshed, declaring firmly Tuesday night: “It’s time to turn the page.” Now, he said, the nation’s most urgent priority is fixing its own sickly economy.

From the Oval Office, where George W. Bush first announced the invasion that would come to define his presidency, Obama addressed millions who were divided over the war in his country and around the world. Fiercely opposed to the war from the start, he said the United States “has paid a huge price” to give Iraqis the chance to shape their future — a cost that now includes more than 4,400 troops dead, tens of thousands more wounded and hundreds of billions of dollars spent.

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  1. Dan says:

    This guy looks completely out of place in the oval office. Just can’t fill the chair.

    Obama barley mentioned the our success in Iraq, such as it is, was because of George Bush’s surge strategy.

    Of course Obama opposed this strategy, so he had to keep his lying mouth shut.

    And what about Harry Reid, who declared the war lost, when our soldiers were still fighting?

    Harry Reid have you no shame? We are tossing you out in November.

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