muslims NV Imams Defend Mosque

Aslam Abdullah and Imam Fateen Seitulla, two local Imams joined Alan Stock Wednesday afternoon to discuss the proposed mosque at ground zero.

  1. Wow! says:

    They just don’t get it. Aslam, especially, did a lot of double talk.

  2. Ms. America says:

    Hats off to the two Imams, I appreciate your defense of the Constitution and Islam. And its not like Muslims threw this mosque in peoples faces, it was bought earlier and no one cared, in fact, no one even noticed. Its politicians that are choosing to make this an issue right now, before elections. they are preying off of the emotions of misinformed people and creating an enemy. It was a Burlington coat factory before. Come on people! Islam does not equal terrorism. Those radicals don’t represent Islam! If you understood that, this discussion would not be happening. To the host and most questioners, I dont think you are able to differentiate between that. Also, for those who dont know, there is a proposed mall to be built underground on the actual spot of ground zero. Objections anyone? Interesting how we make a build deal over an Islamic center that is a culinary school/ basketball court, that provides services for everyone, but we mock ourselves. Excuse me, Im going to go cut out coupons for the Martin Luther King sale, and the Veterans day sale, I’m expecting a September 11th day sale to some up in stores soon, i wonder how long it will take before that! What is wrong with us, have we forgotten what we stand for? Please wake up America.

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