Everybody wants to end the summer in style. There are a lot of things to do if you want to escape the neon lights and hot summer days on the Las Vegas Strip.  Nevada is one of the most elaborate states in the country with our palatial mountains, national reserves, extravagant shows and 24-hour gaming, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Sometimes if you live here or visit, you just want to get away and see or do something different.
The Grand Canyon
PO BOX 129
Grand Canyon, AZ 86023
(928) 638-7888

At some point in everyone’s life they would love to step into the pages of a history book and explore the Grand Canyon for themselves. With the summer coming to an end, travelers tend to travel four hours from the Strip to the canyons around this time of year. This canyon stretches over 275 miles long, over a mile deep and almost 20 miles across in some parts. You can sleep overnight on the canyon’s rim at a park lodge or pitch a tent at the park campground. What better way to say goodbye to the summer than watching the sun rise and set as the clouds move over the river-eroded canyons all day.  There’s a park shuttle that drops you off at viewpoints and hiking trails.  There’s also a more private and peaceful area around the North rim closer to Las Vegas at the edge of Kaibab Plateau, a really cool pine forest.

Hot Springs
Various Locations, NV

A lot of people don’t know that Nevada has about 300 rustic hot springs because of geothermal activity just a short drive away from Las Vegas. Although the hours at the hot springs may vary, they are always free to use. There are other developed springs that require a fee, but it’s very reasonable.  Ash Springs are just off U.S. Route 93 north of Las Vegas with springs that spill over into a shallow pond and 85-degree water.  Hot Creek Springs is isolated off State Route 318 with some amazing views of the mountains.  There are several hot springs near Lake Mead closer to Las Vegas.  Roger’s Springs is off the North Shore Road between Echo By and Overton. Below the Hoover Dam along the Colorado River is where Sauna Cave sits a few hundred feet from Portal Road beneath the dam on Nevada’s side. A short hike up Goldstrike Canyon leads you to extremely hot pools where the rock formations are dangerous making it hard to get there by boat.  You can also get to the springs by a 2.5-hour hike from U.S. 93.

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CasaBlanca Resort Spa
950 W. Mesquite Blvd.
Mesquite, NV 89027
(702) 346-6760

About 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas headed north on the 15 freeway, CasaBlanca in Mesquite is one of the desert’s best hidden oasis with the seclusion you need from the busy city but also comes with the bells and whistles of a modern casino driven town. This world-class spa in the middle of the desert offer services for men, women and couples. They also have the best spa specials to end your exhausting and hot summer with a bang. Mid-week and weekend specials feature one night stay in a deluxe tower room and one 45 – 50 minute facial or massage of your choice. There’s also the Casablanca Trio that includes 100 minute treatment with a scrub, wrap and massage with Pure Fiji products.  There’s a full menu of services and products at your fingertips.

Area 51
Route 375
Groom Lake, NV

The most secret military facility in the world is located in the middle of the desolate high desert of Nevada, is open to the public. Well at least a portion of it. The closest you can get legally at the base is at the top of Tikaboo Peak just 26 miles away from Las Vegas. The rest of the area is patrolled by armed guards with M16s, who won’t hesitate to shoot trespassers entering the base. Usually, they call the local police and issue a $600 fine. This remote area can’t be located on any map but can be viewed on private satellites from private Russian firms and one private firm called IKONOS.  A new attraction that is becoming popular among tourists on the highway The Extraterrestrial Highway because of the rare and strange sightings over the skies in that area.

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