Top Parks To Walk Your Dog In Las Vegas

April 25, 2014 6:00 AM

Las Vegas residents love their dogs. This appreciation for the canine persuasion is shown by the number of parks and variety of walking trails appropriate for taking a stroll or a jog with your furry friend. Whether inside the city limits or just outside the boundaries, you can definitely find your choice of large or small, close or remote parks in which to enjoy a romp with Rover.

Sunset Park
2601 E. Sunset Park Road
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 455-8200

Sunset Park has grown, evolving into a beautiful, lush and diverse ecosystem in which you can fish, jog, bike, walk, play with your dog, enjoy a picnic with your family, hold a barbecue, play baseball or simply relax in this oasis in the desert. At 323 acres, it is the largest park in Clark County, containing a fishing pond, dog park, ducks, dunes and more. The paths and greenery make it perfect for a leisurely stroll with your favorite pup. With leash in hand (and possibly a stroller in tow), you will find any number of cultured trails or green spaces in which to enjoy playtime and a bit of exercise. If reading under a tree while Fido tests the limits of his leash is your idea of a relaxation, the mature trees at Sunset Park seem to have been designed as a comfortable perch or canopy to escape the desert heat.

Pittman Wash Trail
Pecos Legacy Park
150 N. Pecos Road
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 267-4000

Pittman Wash Trail is a walk on the wild side: a desert within the cultivated Henderson area, stretching from Pebble Road north to the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex. This prime four-mile stroll along a dry desert wash is one of the most enjoyable trails in the city. You can see natural desert vegetation, an environment that supports wildlife (including the occasional snake and lizard) and many different birds (such as quail and and a large variety of song birds). This is a living desert, with a paved upper road and trails snaking through the wild scrub bottom of the Wash itself. As such, respect the wild residents as you enjoy the unique experience of stopping to have a snack or drink at one of the benches or picnic tables along the way. During rainy seasons, stick to the upper paved trails to avoid the danger of churning run-off water. This is a prime area to walk a leashed dog, with such a variety of scents for them to follow and your choice of the length of the stroll. But remember to bring your own water as you take a walk early in the day or at dusk, or the lizards may not be the only ones basking in the dry heat of the sun.

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Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail
601 Nevada Way
Boulder City, NV 89005
(702) 293-8990

Boulder City is a small town, about a 20-minute drive from Henderson, NV. One of the area’s most popular destinations – just outside Boulder City – is the Historic Railroad Tunnel Trail, with tunnels dating back to the construction of Hoover Dam in 1931. This scenic path runs for about 4.6 miles, stretching from Boulder City to nearby Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. The tracks have been removed and the former railroad bed has been graded, with dirt and fine gravel for traction. While this is not a traditional park, the terrain is easy for you and your pup, and the wide trails make it appropriate for the entire family. The best times to visit, to avoid the worst of the heat, would be during early spring, late fall and winter, or during early mornings or later in the evening during summer. The view is well worth the walk.

Photo credit: Yelp!

Photo credit: Yelp

Summerlin Centre Community Park
10588 Marketwalk Place
Las Vegas, NV 89135
(702) 791-4500

Summerlin Park has it all: a breathtaking view of the nearby Spring Mountains, lush green fields upon which to play or picnic, walking trails to meander with your favorite four-legged friend and a peaceful, uncrowded feeling. There’s a small play area if you bring your children, and lots of room to enjoy a game of frisbee or catch. But most of all, it’s a place where you and Rover can enjoy a quiet time together, just enjoying each other’s company. The park is open until 11 p.m.

Dos Escuelas Park Dog Park
1 Golden View Drive
Henderson, NV 89012
(702) 267-5840

Dos Escuelas Park Dog Park is a beautiful park that offers on-leash play areas on the green, paths for you and your furry friend to explore and an off-leash fenced dog run where your canine companion can indulge in the freedom to socialize and play with other pups. Since there is no separation between large and smaller breeds, make sure you watch tiny puppies or fearful pets carefully to make sure they don’t become afraid. The park is well lit after sunset, allowing you and Fluffy the freedom to take a stroll once the weather cools off slightly during summer evenings.

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