Omelet or omelette — it doesn’t matter how you spell it. Filled with veggies, bacon, sausage or any variety of exotic ingredients, this is the dish that can be personalized for anyone in your family. And some of the offerings really are….unique! Peanut butter? Roast beef? Bologna? Why not! After all, each omelet can be personalized to please your palate, no matter how odd the pairings may seem to others. Bon appetit!
Omelet House
316 N. Boulder Highway
Henderson, NV 89015
(702) 566-7896

The omelette menu at this place is amazing. There is everything you could imagine and far, far beyond. From Petunia and Porky to a Cowboy variety, a California and Rio Grande Surfer, the Green Hornet and Bugsy Siegal (an omelet you can’t refuse with tender chunks of roast beef in an Italian red sauce, with sour cream and Jack cheese), The Kitchen Sink, Popeye and Sparticus, a Flatlander’s Special (don’t even ask!) and many more. Outstanding variety and consistent quality.

The Cracked Egg
1000 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 868-5505

There are those who favor Monte Cristo sandwiches or waffles for breakfast (available) and folks who like their eggs scrambled or sunny side up (also available) but this award-winning restaurant has some pretty great omelette choices as well. There are Carnitas, Enchilada, California, Greek and Denver omelettes, or the Big Bad Wolf or Western omelette may be more your style. Every three-egg omelette is served with cheese, hash browns or seasoned potatoes and either toast or coffee cake (highly recommended).

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Egg Works
2490 E. Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89120
(702) 873-3447

With six Las Vegas locations, there is no excuse to ignore this locals-recommended egg joint. Their self-touted “egg-ceptional” four- egg omelettes are served with Habla Diablo seasoned potatoes (feel the burn!) and your choice of toast or home-made banana muffins. The selections include The Three Pigs (ham, bacon and sausage), Chili Rellenos, Eggs-Taliano or the Chicken Enchillada or Chili Omelettes. The Sundance Special is a veggie-lovers delight while The Works is, well, packed with the best they have to offer. Come hungry, leave satisfied.

Original Sunrise Cafe
8975 S. Eastern Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89123
(702) 257-8877

When you are looking for hearty, stick-to-your-ribs authentic diner grub, locals concur that the Original Sunrise Cafe is second to none. Here, you can either create your own unique omelette with  your choice of three toppings (to start) or select one of their suggested favorites. They come with homemade potatoes and either toast or a bagel so make sure you arrive hungry! Favorites include the Davezilla, My Big Fat Greek Omelette, The Garden of Eden (egg whites and veggies), The Buffalo (with buffalo sauce, of course), the Kings Highway Pastrami Omelette, and LE) (lox, eggs and onions).

Weiss Deli
2744 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 454-0565

When folks visiting Henderson ask for suggested breakfast restaurants, Weiss Deli is usually first on the list of highly-recommended spots. This truly is a high-quality bakery and Jewish deli and everything is fresh and delicious. All their omelettes are created with three extra-large eggs and you get your choice of side dishes including home fries, fresh fruit or tomatoes and a bagel, toast or roll. You can either create your own masterpiece or select from favorites such as the Brentwood, Kosher Nostra, a lighter veggie-based Happy Heart, their packed Deli Delight, the Classic Western and more. Check out the daily and weekend specials to try something a little different. You won’t be disappointed.

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Sharon Damon is a preschool specialist, avid reader, passionate writer and creative baker/ cook. She has been a cooking instructor at a local Rec Center in Henderson, NV since 2011, and has written for Examiner and other publications since 2010. She knows her way around the keyboard and the kitchen! Sharon moved from a small city in Canada to Las Vegas 6 years ago, to marry the love of her life, and has since been swept up in the whirlwind known as Sin City. Her work can be found at