If you are looking for the best gift shops located in Las Vegas, look no further.  We have found the best gift shops that not only will allow you to take authentic memorabilia of your stay in the city a lasting one, but come along with a lasting experience for the entire family.
Bonanza Gift Shop
2440 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 385-7359

Anyone that visits Las Vegas has walked by, driven by or visited the Bonanza Gift Shop located on Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara.  Everything you can image from T-shirts, shot glasses, toys and more can be found in this over 36,000 square feet of retail space.  Recently just opening a KIDZ WORLD full of apparel, games, toys and more, guests can not only shop but experience a quality shopping experience that not only entertains the kids but adults alike. If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir chances are you have either stopped by here or need to visit this place.

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Gamblers General Store
800 S. Main St.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 382-9903

If you are traveling through Las Vegas and want to take home an authentic or amazing poker chip, dice or accessory, the Gamblers General Store has over 15,000 products to choose from.  Since 1984, they have been providing tourists with the best cards, home and casino gaming machines, poker tables, chip sets, dice sticks, casino memorabilia and a lot more. Chips can be personalized as well. This gambler’s paradise caters to anything you play from poker, blackjack, roulette and craps to bingo. If you are looking for a unique item, if it has to deal with Las Vegas, they can find it. Everyone that visits or lives in Las Vegas would love a piece of this town to keep their memory alive, this place will definitely provide everyone with that special piece, on top of this being one of the world Gambler’s Book Clubs located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas between Charleston and Fremont St.

Zombie Apocalypse Store
3420 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(702) 641-8801

If you are a diehard or casual zombie fan, this is definitely the spot for you. For the coolest automatic bb guns, and official food of the apocalypse, guests can take home shirts that actually bleed when you shoot them home and taste the famous gourmet hotdog, which is the official food of the apocalypse. An elite team of enthusiasts efficient in the art of throwing knives takes this experience to another level as guests can throw a variety of knives, screwdrivers or improvised weapons available. If you are looking for the best survival food and supplies, self defense products or stun guns the Zombie Apocalypse Store has exactly what you’re looking for and need. To take your gift shopping experience to another level, register for the zombie shooting experience at the Tyler Oakley Killing Zombies zone of infested areas of walking dead hordes with realistic looking and powerful paintball guns.

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Toy Shack
450 Fremont St. Suite 117
Las Vegas, NV 89101
(702) 538-8600

The leader in vintage toy selections is located in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas is stocked with many religions like Hot Wheels, Simpsons’ figurines and lots more. It’s the only gift shop in Las Vegas packed with thousands of toys and acres of warehouse space with even more toys.  For that adult adolescent or avid collector this place is guaranteed to have the perfect piece for your collected.

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