Las Vegas is a city on the move with commuters, visitors, workers scrambling from job to job and other pedestrians, so it’s no surprise that this is also a town with some pretty amazing food trucks. Everything from desserts, lunches, sliders and anything on a stick can be found if a foodie looks in the right place. Snoballs? No problem! Wood-fired pizza? Of course! Foodies, prepare to descend upon the mobile eateries en masse and delight your senses.
Slidin’ Thru

Slidin’ Thru is still one of the top food trucks in Las Vegas. Featuring juicy mini burgers with all the fixin’s, nestled inside soft buns, this is a tasty delight worth savoring. You have your choice of pulled pork, sliders, the Ya Ya, the Barby or the Captain’s Order, to name just a few, accompanied by regular or sweet potato fries, plus your choice of drinks. Look for Slidin’ Thru at your next company or public event. It’s worth the wait.

Sin City Snoballs and Snacks
875 S. Grand Central Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 751-4766

Nothing beats the heat like a giant snoball and if you want your choice of 34 flavors with endless unique combinations, this is the truck for you. The menu includes original Baltimore-style Snoballs, totally unique Float Snoballs, Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Sundaes and the freshest perennial fair food, hot mini-donuts (including the mouth-watering organic spiced hot apple cider variety). The ingredients are 100 percent natural and they aim to please.

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Lola D’s Kitchen

Lola D’s Kitchen is a mobile catering and food business founded and run by friends who want to share healthy recipes with Las Vegas. The menu includes healthier alternatives – homemade cuisine prepared and presented by experienced chefs and good cooks. This is the real deal: a Mobile Poutine Eatery that isn’t afraid to share healthy, hearty food with the masses. Looking for something different and tasty to share? Just check in with Lola D.

Sin City Dogs

According to local foodies, Sin City Dogs are simply sinful. This mobile eatery does one thing best: preparing the tastiest, freshest, most unique hot dogs in town. You can choose from The Rebel, The Boulevard, The Lobster Dog (called “amazing” by reviewers) and so much more. Locals tout this truck as the “go to” place for the best dogs in town, so get moving and go to Sin City Dogs today.

L’Artagiano Vera Pizza

If you can imagine a mobile food truck with a real wood-fired oven, then you have the makings of what makes L’Artagiano Vera Pizza truly unique. Italy may just be a dream, but this pizzeria gives you the taste of fresh, authentic Neapolitan pizza: juicy tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and a wood-fired taste that simply can’t be beat. The menu includes the Margherita, the Marinara, the Picante, the Prima Vera and the Bianca Pizza, with a Nutella pizza thrown in for dessert. Reasonably priced and prepared with love, this may be the best pizza on or off the Strip. Best yet, with a 1,000-degree oven, it’s seared, sizzling and ready within a minute.

Engine 1 Pizza

And now for something completely different: pizza served hot from a wood-fire stoked oven inside a converted fire engine. You can watch as your pizza sizzles to perfection within seven minutes, hot and fragrant and totally tasty. Offerings include pizza by the slice or a whole pie at a reasonable cost. Try unique combinations like the Pepperoni BBQ Thai Chicken Pesto with Goat Cheese or go more traditional, then choose some tasty sides such as breaded mushrooms with ranch dressing (or plain wood-fired mushrooms), sweet potato fries or breaded mozzarella sticks.

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