First dates can be incredibly awkward…or not, depending upon where you go and what you do. When you want something casual and fun, go to a neighborhood coffee shop and just chat for a while in the company of other people. If you want to take things slowly, go to a movie and perhaps some ice cream afterward. Whether you are on a tight budget or have a little extra cash in your pocket, it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable situation if you go to any of these establishments.
Galaxy Luxury Theater 
4500 E. Sunset Road
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 442-0244

The Galaxy Theater has it all: plush, comfy, with your choice of beer, wine or soda and an atmosphere conducive to the perfect first date. Reserve a seat beforehand to ensure that you have just the right vantage point, no matter your favorite genre of all-digital movie, then settle down to relax in your reclining seat and enjoy the experience. You can choose from matinees or evening shows (which really helps the budget) and you will never be disappointed.

Endless Swirls Frozen Yogurt
4500 E. Sunset Road
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 856-2000

With 18 flavors of frozen yogurt, gelato and Italian ice and over 40 toppings this is the perfect spot to go after or before a movie. With the heat rising in Las Vegas, a cool treat with hit the spot. You don’t have to be uncomfortable when you’re chatting and laughing over a frozen concoction and half the fun is seeing what the other partner chooses as their favorite. This is a perfect conversation piece and tasty, too!

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Chocolate Moose Cupcake Cafe And Creamery
4500 E. Sunset Road
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 898-7788

Whether you combine a visit to this place paired with a movie or simply make it a casual meeting place for that all-important first date, be sure to go to the Chocolate Moose and have a snack! This new addition to Henderson’s favorite joints offers a rotating combo of over 100 different cupcake combinations, with six flavors per week. If you didn’t fill up on popcorn at the show, you may want to share a sandwich (it comes with a side of pasta or potato salad), or maybe a green salad or sweet treat is more to your liking? They serve everyone’s choice — Thrifty Ice Cream, so splurge on a Cakeshake, try the Chocolate Mousse or savor one of their cheesecakes. Delicious!

Mothership Coffee Roasters
2708 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89014
(702) 456-1869

Dating is for all ages, not just kids, and a coffee shop can be the ideal place to start. Mothership offers awesome custom-brewed coffee and delectable teas plus some of the tastiest pastries in town. How could you possibly go wrong? The atmosphere is intimate (as in a few tables inside), the servers are friendly and very accommodating and you will definitely want to revisit this neighborhood coffee shop over and over again just to try everything that interests you on the menu board. No pressure, just a place to get to know each other.

Bad Owl
10575 S. Eastern Ave.
Henderson, NV 89052
(702) 483-3331

Nitrogen-infused coffee, tea, espresso and “cafe bites” offered in a “Harry Potter” theme makes this a comfortable and relaxed setting for a fun first date. There is always something new to experience, taste and enjoy at this new cafe. Judging by the crowds, this unique shop certainly fills a Las Vegas area niche that was waiting for just the right place and it’s definitely the right place to visit if you have a new someone special in your life – especially if you are both bookworms!

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Sharon Damon is a preschool specialist, avid reader, passionate writer and creative baker/ cook. She has been a cooking instructor at a local Rec Center in Henderson, NV since 2011, and has written for Examiner and other publications since 2010. She knows her way around the keyboard and the kitchen! Sharon moved from a small city in Canada to Las Vegas 6 years ago, to marry the love of her life, and has since been swept up in the whirlwind known as Sin City. Her work can be found at