In the Southwest area of Las Vegas, meet Teri Davis Boldt, the owner and fashion stylist of Frenzy Womens Clothing. Boldt’s first love for fashion began while attending high school in Ohio, but later on landed her ownership of Frenzy’s in Phoenix, Arizona. Years later, Boldt’s decision to relocate to Sin City and open a boutique only made sense because the stylish trends in Las Vegas are endless. At any rate, Boldt’s sensibility of what looks classy, comfortable and fun is handpicked, as well as envisaged to fit all curves.
Teri Davis Boldt 
Frenzy Womens Clothing
9516 W. Flamingo Suite 120
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
(702) 722-6108

At sixteen, Boldt worked in a little clothing boutique in Ohio, graduated from college with a degree in psychology, yet, she continuously had that obsession for fashion. Throughout her college years, Boldt loved working in retail and at twenty-five, she opened her first boutique in Phoenix, Arizona. Fashion savvy Boldt operated her store for twenty plus years in Arizona before relocating her Frenzy Womens Clothing to Las Vegas, Nevada. Knowing that, eight years later, Boldt’ Frenzy Womens Clothing is fun, flirtatious, and flattering to all eyes.

Stay Cool With Cotton

This summer, what was back then are now the trends. The ‘60s era is back with colors and loose fitting apparel. Once inside Frenzy’s boutique, noticeably there’s a fun, funky, and sexy- breezy flow of soft, high-end, light weight cotton fabrics. Bold’s classy items are hand-picked from high-end designers, whether heading out to a barbecue or a black-tie affair, Frenzy’s got what shoppers need if looking for colorful, tie-dye embroidery that’s floral, as well as elegant sheer and solids throughout the shop.

Be Flossy With Confidence

On both sides of the Frenzy’s high walls are the fanciest, peasant blouses of every  kind.  In the entry part of Frenzy’s, there’s  smock, shoulder, and paisley free-spirited designs, to off –the-shoulder vest with just the right hanging fringe, Boldt’s chic style of fashion will demand the attention for special occasions. Meanwhile, bedazzled are in the aisle, along with fine sheer solid cream and floral harem pants nestle in the corner.

Stand Apart With Edgy Flip-Flops

Frenzy Womens Clothing showcases the flower power skirts high above the knees, with floral expressions happy and free. Boldt stated, “I carry high-end cool, fun funky fabrics for all ages, even those up in age, but young at heart; age is just a number, it’s how you feel about yourself.” However, way in the back corner of the store, you’ll find a row of solid black, stretchy soft, cut-off shorts-right next to a display of bling-bling flip-flops. The best part, tailored inside the shorts are double stitch deep pockets, created so that the hippest chicks cell phones can fit.

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Brands That Stand Out

As mentioned earlier, Boldt emphatically expressed that fashion must reveal self confidence, always fun to wear and never conservative. Therefore, clothes found at Frenzy’s connect to brands names like Royal Rabbit that targets the young lady full of adventure and goes after everything life has to offer. On top of that, designers of those one-of-kind stretch skinny jeans by Flying Monkey are made for comfort! The best part, Frenzy’s provides various trendy accessories, perfect for strapless summer dresses or hot mini-skirts created from light, breezy cottons. Frenzy’s carries sizes from petite to large, for teenagers, young adults and ladies that are on the go.

The Price Is Always Right

The price is always right at Frenzy’s, reason being, Boldt chooses high quality, upscale, feeling fancy garments. In saying that,  Frenzy’s Boutique online is made simple for those that can’t stop by. Once online, clicking the coupons at checkout consumers are able to receive out-of-sight deals. In addition, several of Frenzy’s designers are imported from France; nevertheless, she does business with retail locally, setting a clear standard of extraordinary brands. Furthermore, Bolt’s realized fashion is a never-ending cycle; for that reason, in the far back, there’s a sales rack making room for new trends.

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