It is certainly a rite of passage when a child goes to kindergarten. While many have attended preschool, kindergarten is different since it is the beginning of a formal education. A child might be anxious or scared and parents might not know how to prepare their child or themselves. Dr. Leslie Strasser Murdock, ELM Educational Consulting LLC, works with families and is the educational liaison between the Clark County Department of Family Services and the Clark County School District. She offers these tips on getting your child ready for the kindergarten.
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Dr. Leslie Strasser Murdock is the owner and CEO of ELM Educational Consulting. She obtained her bachelor of arts in sociology with an elementary teaching certification from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Murdock has a Master of Arts in Learning Disabilities from Columbia University, her doctorate in educational psychology and a juris doctor from the Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She works with parents, teachers and children to support children getting the best education. Murdock is also an adjust professor at the Boyd School of Law, UNLV. She is a former teacher and wanted to worked with education and the law.

Introduce Yourself to Your Child’s Kindergarten Teacher

Introduce yourself to your child’s Kindergarten teacher and ask how you can assist him/her and be involved in your child’s education. As a former teacher, I always appreciated proactive parents who showed me at the beginning of the school year they wanted to support me and actually asked me how I wanted to be helped. This also sets up a positive tone for your rapport over the course of the year.

Be Patient

Be patient with your child’s academic and behavioral progress in school. All children develop at different rates in different areas. There is a steep learning curve in Kindergarten as not only are children learning academically but they are also learning classroom routines and how to be responsible students. For some children it takes a while to kick in but it will happen. I mean most of us learned the three Rs (Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic) at some point, right?

Ask For A Schedule Of Events

If you have a busy schedule or work during the school day, ask for the schedule of already planned class events at the beginning of the school so you can plan accordingly. You can also ask the teacher to try to let you as soon as possible for any more recent upcoming events. Teachers are full time working people too so they should be empathetic.

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Communicate With The Teacher

If you are having an issue with your child’s teacher or with the way the teacher handled an issue, set up a time to talk in person. Ask questions about why the teacher chose to approach the issue the way he or she did. Share your opinion respectfully and even about how the issue affected your child. Try to come up with a solution that works for both of you.
Enjoy Every Moment

Don’t miss it as in a blink of an eye, the school year ends and they become first graders. Savor the ride!

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