(CBS) – Let’s Make A Deal will celebrate its 2,000th show this Friday, February 19th, beginning with a deal featuring a box of props and memorabilia from the show’s 2000 episodes. The festivities continue with a game of “Cash Register,” in which a trader can win a car by collecting $2,000 off the game board, a Trivia game involving the number of contestants that have played through the seasons, and a highlight reel showcasing some of the funniest and most outrageous bloopers from the past 2,000 shows! Plus, to further celebrate, bundles of $2,000 in cash have been hidden throughout the show!

Key Stats from 2,000 Episodes of LET’S MAKE A DEAL:
·        Number of Times The Big Deal has been won: 647
·        Number of Contestants: 26,054
·        Number of Games Played: Over 13,000
·        Number of Cars Won: 1,171
·        Amount in Cash and Prizes: $76,221,566.37

Tune in this Friday for Let’s Make A Deal‘s historic 2,000th episode on CBS. Check your local listings for times and more information.