LOUISVILLE, Ky. (CBS Local) — A Kentucky woman who has been fighting a life-threatening blood disorder for more than a year got a big surprise for her 18th birthday.

Angel Florian of Glasgow and her family traveled to Norton Children’s Cancer Institute in Louisville for what she thought was a check-up appointment, but soon turned into a surprise birthday celebration.

Doctors and nurses gathered in a small room decorated with streamers, cake and a gift.

“My nurses were singing happy birthday to me and it made me kind of tear up a little bit,” Florian told CBS affiliate WKLY.

Florian was diagnosed with myelodisplastic syndrome or MDS, last year. Nurse Dean Harris said the disorder isn’t survivable without a bone marrow transplant.

“She fought and she won,” Harris said. “So this birthday is a gift and a miracle and a good reason for a party.”

Although this isn’t how she imagined spending her 18th birthday, she said it’s been the best birthday she’s ever had.

“Being surrounded by all my family and my second family now, with all my nurses and doctors, they’re family to me,” she said.

Doctors said Angel is doing great. She will continue visiting Norton Children’s for check-ups.