ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland (CBS Local) — A woman digging out of record-breaking snowfall in Newfoundland, Canada, woke up to a surprise Saturday morning when she went out to her car.

With a 30-inches of new snow on the ground in St. John’s, Lola Parsons said she expected to find her car completely covered in snow. But it wasn’t. That’s because she forgot to roll her window up, and several inches of snow had piled inside on her front seats.

“It was so chaotic she forgot to put it back up” on Friday as she was pulling into her driveway, Parsons’ son, Kenny Sharpe, told CNN.

But Sharpe said his mother took it in stride, as is apparent by the laughter in a video shared on Twitter.

“Can’t even get in the car, there’s so much snow in the car,” Parsons says as she attempts to sit in the driver’s seat.

Once she settles in behind the wheel, she jokingly asks, “So, are you ready to go?”