MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (CBS Local) — Federal officials are warning middle and high school students about heroin-lacked vape pens after two West Virginia students were hospitalized.

Two separate incidents were reported Oct. 31 involving two Morgantown High School students who overdosed as a result of heroin-laced vape pens labeled “TKO.”

Additional overdoses were reported from University High School in Morgantown from the same type of vaping pen.

U.S. Attorney Bill Powell sent out a press release on Monday to raise awareness in communities around Morgantown.

“There are no limits to those who intend to do harm. Heroin and other harmful substances in vape and e-cigarettes are just the latest delivery method. Please heed this warning. It is a matter of life and death,” said Powell.

Law enforcement in Morgantown are warning of additional heroin-laced vape pends and other electronic cigarettes that might be an imminent threat to the public.

Anyone in possession of a “TKO” branded vape pen is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement.

The Morgantown Police Department said in a news release that it is not interested in charging anyone that turns these items in but is instead “focused on the source of this potentially deadly product.”