JACKSON, Miss. (CBS Local) — Police in Mississippi are investigating a carjacking that happened in broad daylight and was captured on surveillance video.

Elamir Holbert said he was on his way home from work when a car bumped him on Beasley Road in Jackson, WAPT reported. When he got out to inspect the damage, Holbert said a man pulled a gun on him and took his car.

A surveillance camera from a business across the street shows several men jumping out of a white SUV before taking off in his black Hyundai.

“When I felt the person come up behind me all I could see what was a gun in my face,” Holbert told reporters.

“I immediately started telling him, I was like, ‘I don’t have nothing, I don’t have anything.’ He was going all through my pockets, I was like man ‘I don’t have nothing.’ And they went ahead and got my keys,” he said.

Holbert said a friend picked him up and they tried to catch up to his car, but were unable to catch up with the suspects. He said he hopes the surveillance video will help police track them down.

“Enjoy your ride tonight fellas but what goes around, comes around and I’m pretty sure your day is coming,” Holbert said.