SAGINAW, Mich. (CBS Local) — Dashcam video captured the moment when two-year-old girl was saved last week from a possible tragedy by a quick-acting Michigan state trooper.

Sergeant Joseph Richard was on duty Friday when he saw the unsupervised toddler wander onto a busy roadway near Alpena, police said. As Richards approached the little girl, she turned back to the road, with a dump truck coming toward her.

Richards stopped his patrol car, jumped out and grabbed the little girl just as the passing truck locked it’s brakes up trying to avoid her.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” he can be heard yelling in Richards’ dashcam video, which has since been shared online.

“If not for Richards’ quick action, this incident would have ended in tragedy,” Michigan State Police said in a news release.

The child’s mother was nearby and told police that she had lost track of her daughter for just a few seconds. The unharmed child was returned to her mother.

Richards was showered with praise on twitter.

“This is the very definition of ‘To Protect and Serve’. Outstanding job!” Dave Kuehnle wrote.

“That child has a guardian angel who is named Sgt. Richards! God Bless!” @jeffmonicahutchinson tweeted.