BRUNSWICK, Ga. (CBS Local) — A Georgia woman said she “started shaking and crying” when she received an unfriendly note from an anonymous neighbor about a memorial in honor of her late son.

The writer urged Tricia Coffman of Brunswick to “get on with your life” in the letter, which she opened April 27, The Brunswick News reported.

“It was a horrible letter,” Coffman said the next day. “I cried myself to sleep last night.”

Coffman’s son, Dylan Coen, died in a car crash along Harry Driggers Boulevard in 2014 at the age of 18.

“It is unfortunate you lost your son and grandson … You burden us with your make-shift memorial in our backyard. It is down right despicable to remember your loved one this way,” the letter read.

“If you can’t afford a proper memorial in a proper place then go on the Internet and set up a ‘go-fund-me’ page and ask for donations,” the message continued. “It has been five years….get on with your life. We are tired of sharing your pain.”

The letter purports to be from “Residents/Harry Driggers Boulevard.”

Coffman uploaded a picture of the letter to her Facebook page, according to the newspaper. Thousands responded to the post to express support for the family.

Coffman said the memorial will remain. Glynn County officials said it is not a safety hazard and the site around it is properly maintained.