CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio (CBS Local) — A single mother says a Christian school in Ohio expelled two of her children because she is not married and her kids have different fathers.

Summer Grant, 30, said Chapel Hill Christian School in Cuyahoga Falls dismissed her daughters, fourth-grader Summara-Rayn and second-grader Summaia, on April 12, about 30 days before school ends for the summer.

“Just because I’m not married and my children do have different fathers doesn’t mean that I don’t want my children to have a good education and I don’t want them to know who Christ is in their education,” Grant told the Akron Beacon Journal.

Grant said she was told by school administrator John Wilson that she was committing adultery and going against the Ten Commandments. She said Wilson also said it while it wasn’t a requirement for her to be married for her children to attend the school, it was a “strong recommendation.”

Grant disputed Wilson’s claim that she committed adultery, pointing out on Facebook that she’s never been married.

“I understand I’m not married and fornication would be what I committed not adultery!” she wrote.

The Beacon Journal reached out to Wilson and board of education chairman Jeff Sumner for a comment.

Parents sign a written agreement “meant to reflect a common commitment to the cause of Christ,” they said in a statement.

“While we believe it would be wrong to make public the particular circumstances that led to this separation, out of concern for the privacy of the family, we also felt that dismissal was necessary in order to protect the safety of our school children and their families,” the statement reads.

Grant said she doesn’t remember signing the agreement. She also said many other parents at the school are not married.