GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS Local) — A Wisconsin woman’s epic April Fools’ Day prank on her husband has now gone viral on social media.

Maureen Pritchard and some helpers piled dozens of Amazon Prime boxes outside the couple’s front door in Green Bay while her husband was at work Monday.

Pritchard, who is an avid online shopper, told CBS affiliate WDJT she thought of the prank back in November and started saving the empty boxes with the help of her parents and sister.

She recorded her husband pulling into the driveway and seeing the massive pile of boxes and shared his reaction the video on Facebook.

“What was going through my head when I drove in the driveway was ‘Oh my gosh, what did she do now?’,” Rob Pritchard said.

“And so he came inside and I said ‘April Fools’ and he kept asking me what’s in all of them and I finally said ‘Rob, honey. They’re empty!’,” Maureen Pritchard said.

“Anyone need any boxes?!?” Maureen wrote on her Facebook post. “You have no idea how many people slowed down or stopped in front of our house all day today!”