HAYMARKET, Va. (CBS Local) — This could be a lot scarier than getting a ticket. The police department in Haymarket, Virginia, is threatening to “call your mom” if officers catch you speeding through town.

A flashing sign posted in a 25 mph zone starts off with an expected and easy-to-ignore message: “Slow down or…” Then, it switches to: “…we will call your mom.”

“We have been receiving many laughs and compliments,” the Haymarket Police Department wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “We meant this to be funny but on a serious note, please slow down.”

Most of the comments expressed amusement and/or approval.

“My daughter texted me and asked if I had anything to do with the sign,” Jessica Clay wrote.

“Jail doesn’t scare me as much as the wrath of ‘Momzilla,'” Sue Andersen commented.

“Love It! If my kid rolls thru too fast….. Call Me! She may be 23 but she’s still more afraid of mom then the police!! Lmao,” Amy Herick Sexton wrote.