BENTON COUNTY, Tenn. (CBS Local) — A Tennessee teen woke up last Friday morning wanting to go squirrel hunting and ended up with a much bigger trophy.

Bo Ezell, a 13-year-old eighth-grader in Benton County, had already gone hunting for squirrels on Dec. 28 and was making breakfast when a neighbor called.

“She said a buck had walked onto her property, and she asked if I wanted to come hunt it,” Ezell told the Jackson Sun. “So I stopped my cooking and went over.”

When Ezell arrived, the neighbor told him the deer went down to the creek. It turned out to be a “monster” 27-point buck.

She had to point it out to me because his rack was so big I thought it was a bush in front of a tree,” Ezell said.

The buck was urinating in a scrape when Ezell said he took the first shot, shaking because he wanted to get the hit so badly.

“He looked at me, and I started shaking even worse,” Ezell said. “I shot again, and he began to run off before I shot at him two more times and knocked him down.”

“When I got close to him, he lifted his head at me, so I shot him again to put him down,” Ezell continued. “I figured I’d wounded him enough to kill him, but I didn’t want him putting 30 antlers in my gut if he did get up.”

Ezell told the Jackson Sun the deer weighed 165 pounds before being field-dressed and the green length, the total length of the antlers on a buck’s head, scored 213 and seven-eighths inches.