MARICOPA, Ariz. (CBS Local) — If you’re still looking for inspiration to get into the holiday spirit, you’ve come to the right place.

A student in Arizona recently surprised a classmate who has special needs with a Christmas gift and shared video of the inspirational moment on social media.

High school senior Jake Marr and sophomore Matthew Sabetta became close friends at Maricopa High School, chatting in the hallways before and after class.

After Marr learned Sabetta loves cement trucks, he saved up to buy his special needs friend a yellow cement-mixer Tonka truck, CBS affiliate KPHO reports.

“I love it!” Sabetta exclaimed in the video.

Sabetta has Williams syndrome, a rare genetic condition that comes with serious health issues. But it also blesses those who have it with an incredibly joyful, friendly personality.

“I got happy tears and so it was just like my lucky day,” Sabetta said. “He’s my best friend, right here.”

But Marr says he is the one who benefits.

“Just be kind, talk to them, get to know them, they have the most amazing stories you’ll ever hear,” said Marr. “Because he makes everybody’s day, I figured I can make his day at least once.”

Marr shared video of the gift exchange on Twitter, where it has been viewed more than 6 million times.