READING, Pa. (CBS Local)— A Pennsylvania woman, who found a decades-old engagement ring at Goodwill, says she’s on a mission to return it to its rightful owner.

Lauren Smith says she picked up a jewelry box at the Goodwill Outlet in Reading and much to her surprise, she found a gold-and-diamond engagement ring tucked inside.

Smith, who lives in nearby St. Lawrence, thinks the ring was donated by accident.

“It was hidden. It seems like the jewelry box was cleaned out and whoever donated it didn’t realize a ring was still in it,” Smith told the Reading Eagle. “I think this might be something important to the family.”

Smith says the ring has a special inscription inside.

“It has the initials of the couple, as well as the date of I’m guessing their wedding, maybe their engagement and the year is 1921,” Smith told WFMZ.

Smith is withholding further information about the engraving, so she can verify any potential owners who come forward.

If you know who the ring belongs to, contact Smith at 610-779-7275.