RENO, NV – The American Civil Liberties Union says a high school in Reno unconstitutionally retaliated against a student after a Republican congressman’s office complained to the administration about a call from the teenager.

The ACLU’s chapter in Nevada on Monday sent letters to the Washoe County School District and U.S. Representative Mark Amodei following the two-day suspension of student Noah Christiansen.

Christiansen called Amodei’s office when he walked out of school Wednesday as part of a a nation wide protest against gun violence. He said he could have used better language during the call, but that it’s his right to use the words he wants.

The ACLU told Amodei it’s disturbed by his office’s move “to restrict the First Amendment rights” of a constituent. Amodei’s office did not immediately comment on the situation as of late Tuesday afternoon.

Thee organization said Christiansen’s suspension should be overturned.


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